There’s a place up ahead and I’m goin’ just as fast as my feet can fly

I’ve started a weird music routine for my morning runs these past few weeks. It’s a curious thing, running early in the morning. As we move towards winter, each day it’s a tiny bit darker when my alarm goes off. I pull myself out of bed, lace up my sneakers like a zombie, and am out the door in a few minutes. I do not wake up bounding with energy, smiling, ready to begin the day. I get dressed like a robot and try not to think about transitioning from my warm blanket cocoon into the offensively cold morning air. But it’s weird – as soon as I start running, I feel ten times better. Stronger, fresher, happier. I think for most people that run first thing in the morning, the run is equivalent to a morning cup of joe. Except, of course, that a runner’s high is 100% natural : )

So back to the music. For the past two weeks, I’ve been streaming a combination of Coldplay and CCR thru my headphones every AM. For me it’s weird because I hardly listen to Coldplay during my not-running time, and it seems a odd choice for getting your energy up for a run. But I think that’s just the point. It lulls me into a zone, a relaxed tranquility, that I hardly even notice the first 5 miles go by. After that, I’ve started to wake up a bit more, and I throw on the CCR. I’ve always loved biking to CCR, cause I think it’s good cruisin music, but come to find out it’s great running music too.

And speaking of biking, I got hit by a car last week on my bike!! Also coincidental, I was right in the middle of “Bad Moon Rising”. Anyway, I had my helmet on, and wasn’t hurt very badly, so, to everyone who bikes – wear your helmet!!

One other small thing to report on concerning running with the stroller. Some of you have asked how it’s going, if it’s hard, etc. I have to say that the most annoying part so far is that I now have to actually wait the ENTIRE time at an intersection for the lights to change, instead of just darting through a break in traffic. Getting out of my neighborhood is so frustrating, because it feels like every other corner is a stop in momentum. But the park is only half a mile from my house, so all in all it is a very small annoyance and I’m happy it’s just that : )


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

One thought on “There’s a place up ahead and I’m goin’ just as fast as my feet can fly”

  1. I realize this is super old but CCR has been my running soundtrack for the last month. So MUCH good stuff! Up Around the Bend, Born on the Bayou, Hey Tonight, Porterville, Down on the Corner, the list goes on.

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