Lookin’ for a place to sleep…

I cannot believe how close I am to leaving….it’s really happening!! I’m so excited la la la : ) As the clock ticks down my heads been buzzing with nervous excitement, anticipation, and a teeeeeeny bit of anxiousness to get to Cali and start running!!!!!! OK, a lot. And some butterflies. I’m working non-stop on the route and trying to find lodging, it is definitely one of the biggest challenges of the trip. A lot of the towns I run through are tiny and not well-known so it’s hard to find a contact there or get an idea for lodging/camping possibilities. So, I’ve made a list of all the ‘bigger’ cities that I will be running very close to. Lots of them are only 10-20 miles away and I’m hopeful that I may be able to connect with some people in these larger cities.

Here is the abbreviated list of the bigger cities/areas that I’ll be running through. If you know anyone living in these areas, pretty please shoot me an email or leave a comment. My email is zoeromano@gmail.com. And feel free to forward the route along to friends and family who might have some connections out there : ) I am also attaching a Route Spreadsheet as a PDF below (“Route Info” below in orange) — it has all the details like the distance to the bigger city, the date I’ll be passing through, county name, etc. Thank you!! And especially to everyone who has already helped out with lodging : )

Los Angeles
Twentynine Palms

Parker, AZ
Wickenburg, AZ
Globe, AZ
Thatcher/Safford AZ
Silver City, NM
Deming, NM
Las Cruces, NM
Alamogordo, NM
Ruidoso, NM
Roswell, NM

Crosbyton, TX
Spur, TX
Paducah, TX
Knox City, TX
Wichita Falls, TX
Graham/Fort Worth TX
Fort Worth/Decatur, TX
Fort Worth/Denton, TX
Commerce/Dallas, TX
Paris, TX

El Dorado, AR
Crossett, AR
Monticello, AR
Greenville, MS
Jackson/Columbus, MS

Tuscaloosa, AL
Birmingham, AL
Childersburg, AL
Alexander City/Oxford/Anniston, AL
Roanoke/Anniston, AL

Carrolton/Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA
Macon/Eatonton, GA
Augusta, GA, SC

Orangeburg/Aiken, SC
Columbia, SC
Charleston, SC
Sullivan’s Island, SC

Route Info


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

One thought on “Lookin’ for a place to sleep…”

  1. Just wanted to know whether I will get to see Gabe or your folks while your w/i my area of hosting. To have them get so close and not be able to spend a little time would be a shame??

    Uncle Al

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