First Day in Huntington Beach

I wrote this last night but the internet was acting up and it wouldn’t post. So here’s the recap of Day 1 !

Well, it’s the end of my first day in Huntington Beach. It is a great town – tons of surfers, beautiful beaches, and a really laid-back atmosphere. And the best of all – perfect weather to run in!!!

We slept in today and then went exploring along the beach and Main St., and ate lunch at this cool old-school diner at the end of the Pier. Getting coffee served to me by a waitress straight outta Grease and sitting with a 360-degree view of the ocean = not a bad start!

We also checked out a surf museum, and were lucky enough to catch a street fair this evening, with live music, fresh fruit and veggie stands, and a bunch of local vendors. We picked up some pita and hummus for dinner : )

My friend Erin and my sister Rosa are here with me until Saturday and they came running with me today. It was a beautiful run – ran down the coast 6 miles than turned around and came back as the sun was setting. Bee-yoo-tee-full! I forgot what it felt like to run in just shorts and a t-shirt….I love Maine but I’m not going to lie, warmer temps making run so much easier.

So right now I’m feeling really excited about the run. Last night when my parents left my sister and I at the airport, it was really emotional. It was really hard leaving them behind and I think my Mom and I both felt like we were going to throw up because of nervous stomachs. My parents are very supportive, and I’ve been looking forward to starting this thing for so long, but of course they are going to worry a little about me, and I don’t like making them worry. But I’m lucky to have a really close family and I know they’ll be with me every step of the way. And now I get to think that I’m running “home”, just takin’ the long route!! So Mom, Dad, Gabe, and Sadie; if you’re reading I wanted to especially say I love you and can’t wait to share this adventure with you!!!

And to everyone else, I hope you don’t mind if I’m excited to share the adventure with you as well! I’m setting up a website which will track my progress in real-time using the map-tracking provided by the DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w with the SPOT Satellite Communicator. I can’t get over how cool this website is – it will track my run as I go, so people can follow the run right on the maps, with check-in points and updates from the road, weather info, etc. For safety reasons the website will be password protected, so when you click on the link it will ask you for a password. Just send me an email ( or a phone call (207.233.5292) and I’ll give you the password. Or if you can’t reach me feel free to contact my parents.

And lastly – I’ve also got a Facebook page devoted to the run – just search “Zoe Goes Running” on Facebook and you’ll find it. I’ll be updating it with photos daily (it’s easier to update Facebook with photos than it is for the blog), so check it out if you’d like to see pictures of the run!

That’s it, goodnight : )


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

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