Day 1 !!

Well I made it thru Day 1 and came out with a smile on my face. What an incredible feeling this is, to really finally be doing this, running across the country…it just feels like it took so much work and organizing to get here that it’s unbelievable that it’s actually here. I am officially on a running v a c a t i o n! ! Wow.

Maybe it isn’t really a vacation but the thought of having nothing to do every day except run is incredible. And stop and meet with kids when and wherever I can!  So so good.

so I arrived at my destination, showered, sat for a while then went and found some food. I actually still have such a butterfly stomach that the crazy hunger hasn’t set in yet. Now I am icing and trying to keep my eyes open a bit longer to finish writing this and call my parents.

Before I sign off I wanted to say how HAPPY I am that Carolyn and company, Anthony, Sharon, and Kevin and company came to the Pier this morning. And of course my sister Rosa and friend Erin. (This week would have been IMPOSSIBLE without both of them) That start was really emotional for me, like I said I had 7 months of caged energy inside me ready to break loose. Plus knowing my family was watching on the live surf cam, the news being there…it really was a very special moment and I am so appreciative of everyone who supports this crazy adventure.

As we rounded the end of the Pier this morning, a Mom and her daughter stood waiting for us, cheering us on, and I heard them make a comment about how special the Boys&  Girls club is….I hope they are reading this now because seeing them out there this morning was definitely a huge motivation for me.

So that’s it for day 1. Thank you everyone for getting into this and being excited with me and helping to push me along towards my goal. It is awesome.  And thank you to HB-TV3 and the Huntington Beach Independent for making me feel like a rockstar :  )


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

7 thoughts on “Day 1 !!”

  1. Way to go,, Zoe!!!! I am so honored to have been a tiny part of your amazing journey. Ill be following your blog. and sending you lots of “Atta Girl’s”. Hugs, Sharon

  2. I had so much fun running with you Zoe! My only regret was that I had to stop! As a mama myself, it was kinda hard for me to watch you go off alone. 😦 I REALLY hope that other runners take the opportunity to run a leg, or whatever mileage with you along your journey! A true honor!

  3. ZOE!!!!!! Hi im Melanie and my mom is Theresa.
    We were at the end of the pier soo proud and thankful for what you are doing.
    I have been at the boys and girls club since i was 4, im 11 now!
    Without boys and girls club my mom couldnt work.
    and i have learned alot of cool stuff there and made some great friends. I once was in a club they had called run 4 fun! And we ran in the Surf City Marathon.
    So thank you for contributing to my home away from home.
    If u get time email me YOUR AWESOME!! -Melanie =) My mom says GO ZOE!!!

  4. Hey there Zoe – seeing you on the web cam brought the excitement of the moment home to us here on Friar Lane. You rock!! Sleep well, be safe. Lots of love Aunt Anne and Uncle Dave.

  5. Big Daddy says …way to go Z !!

    Now everyone will know why we nicknamed you ” SPARKY ” !!!!!

    Not only are you a big hit …you’re a Home Run !!! Now be safe and Run Home !!

    To all the fantastic folks who ran with Sparky , encouraged her , put her up and have spread a little love ….Big Thanks from Rick and Jina !! ( Proud Mom and Dad )

    Thanks to all the enthusiastic children of the Huntington Beach Area too !!

    Go Z , Go !

  6. Zoe! It was great to meet you and get the chance to run with you and help support you. You are a great individual with a big heart and that will get you far in life…much further than just across the country ;). I’ll be following as much as I can! It’s exciting hearing about all your adventures thus far. Be blessed!

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