The Night Before

aaaahhhh!!! it’s the night before I start!!!!!! ahhh ahhh ahhh!!!!! exciting emotional night. spent the day flyering, had an AMAZING meeting at the Boys and Girls Club in Huntington Beach — I was absolutely amazed by how well-behaved the kids were and how excited they were about this trip. Half of them asked me if I had a Facebook page – talk about a generation who knows their way around technology. They were an incredible audience and I hope lots of them keep in touch over the blog and Facebook : )

At night we went out for dinner and then met up with some other CouchSurfers. Very funny guys. Talked about life and the run and school and made lots of jokes. A really nice way to end the week here.

Now I’m more or less all packed up and am going to bed to hopefully get some sleep even though I’ve got 7 months of pent-up energy inside me!!!!! I’m buzzing but I am quite beat so I’m sure I can fall asleep.

Tomorrow: I’ll dip the stroller in the ocean around 7:45 am Pacific Time and start the run from the far end of the Pier at 8 am, hopefully joined by some other local runners. If everything works out properly, both the stroller dip in the ocean and the start should be able to be seen here Hope some of you get a chance to see it live!

Thank you everyone for the support and good thoughts. It goes a long way!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE : )


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

7 thoughts on “The Night Before”

  1. We’re all jitters here Sparky. Gabe & Gram are on their way. Sade & Fab and their friends are gathered together in Spain . You have all our love & prayers. Today is the first day of getting closer to home !!!! Go Sparky Go Happy trails & God go with you. All my love oxoxox mom

  2. Dearest Sparky …thank you for your gift of love and compassion , you have chosen to do a kind act to make the lives of others better .

    Good luck with your run and spread love and happiness from one coast to the other .

    Always be safe because you have so many friends and family who care for you and who’s lives would be incomplete without you in them .

    Remember all the years of wisdom and nurturing that Mom has given to you , write and call her often …she will need as much support as you do !

    Keep in touch with Gabe , Rosa , Sade , Margaret and Fab …and surprise Gram from time to time too !

    And Sparky don’t forget this teary eyed , proud , excited , happy , full of love guy ….Big Daddy The Jog Blog Dog . You are a gift I want to open every day . All my Love , Always , Dad xoxoxoxox

  3. Go Zoe – yea!!! We love you sooooo much. Be safe, have fun. xoxo Tons of love, Aunt Anne and Uncle Dave. Run, Zoe, run!!!!

  4. Dear Zoe,
    We are all rooting for you! Good luck and stay safe! Can’t wait to hear more about it from your website and Alex.
    Amber, Ethan, Simone, Aaron, and Josh

  5. Hey Zoe!

    This is the girls from Havaianas, that u talked to yesterday!
    We wish u all the luck in the world!!!!


    Dont give up!!!!


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