Run-in with the Police # 1

So I forgot to include mileage on the first two days. On the first day I ran 24 miles, and yesterday I racked up 35. So yesterday was quite a long day. On top of that I was hosted by some really cool people and I ended up staying up really late hanging out with them, so I didn’t get moving until 9:30 this morning. Today’s run was absolutely gorgeous. There honestly is no way to describe how absolutely free and happy I feel running along these streets, seeing incredible things, and being able to actually note how much physical distance I’ve covered on my own two feet. I don’t know how I’ll go back to anything ordinary after this.

As I was about 4 miles from my destination today, the road I’m on curves up into the canyon and the small shoulder that I had been running on disappeared. I figured that the road turned back to normal after the one curve I could see up ahead, so I just said what the heck and ran with the stroller straddling the curb – one wheel in the road and the other in the rocks on the other side. I won’t lie, I thought I was going to maybe get hit. Anyway somehow I made it past the first curve and saw sadly that the road continued curving without any shoulder at all and nowhere even to walk alongside the road. It’s hard to explain and when I think about it I think there’s always got to be a way to get through it, always got to be some land I could walk on alongside the road, rocky or not, but today there really was nowhere. The rocks just shot right up into mountains right at the side of the road.

So anyway, I was evaluating all this when I looked down and realized I had a flat tire. Sweet. I waited and sprinted across the road to climb off onto some rocks to see if I could switch out the tube. A minute goes by and a police cruiser pulls up alongside me and tells me that he just got a call from a firefighter who drove by, saying that there was some crazy momma trying to run her baby up the side of the road in a stroller. The policeman asked me a bunch of questions, mostly what in the heck I was doing there, and until I had explained what I was doing and that there was no baby, I think he thought that I was on drugs and that I was a hugely unfit mother. He was just a taaddd cold with me. But after I had explained, he was very helpful and told me that I couldn’t pass that stretch of road with a stroller, flat tire or not; and he loaded up my stuff and escorted me a few miles up the road onto the other side of the mountains.

I went to the bike store here, Beaumont Bike Shop, and they suggested I put on a thorn cover in between the tubes and the tire, otherwise I’d continue killing the tubes with thorns. They were really nice and gave me a good deal on everything : )

So now I am back at another CouchSurfers house, about to pass out. I’m upset that I had to give up a few miles of ground today just cause it was sorta dangerous. I’ll run the extra miles tomorrow to make up for it, but still it’s not the same…there’s 3 miles of ground my feet didn’t get to touch!!

BUT, the scenery here is AMAZING. All day I just kept saying out loud – I’m running across the country. I’m running across the country. It really feels incredible and so so good everytime I think about it and every sight I see and every person I meet and just everything. Maybe tomorrow I will find a more poetic way to explain it.

OK, time to fall into a deep sleep. Thank you again everyone for the awesome encouragement : ) I’ll post the photos from today tomorrow, I can’t right now because the house I am at doesn’t have cell phone service and the pictures are all on my phone.



Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

10 thoughts on “Run-in with the Police # 1”

  1. Ha ha, great story. I am following youe veryday and can’t believe what it must be like to see all of this… Keep sending the stories Zoe and stay safe.. xox AG

  2. Hi Zoe,

    This is Kent, the newspaper photographer who ran backwards down the Huntington Pier while taking your picture and making you feel like a rock star. I am following your blog and it’s really cool.

    Just one thing, and I don’t mean to sound like your dad here. You remember I briefly told you I had tried to walk the country, also with a cart, and that it ended in spectacular fashion? It ended on one of those canyon roads that have ZERO shoulder, with cars speeding around blind curves at 60 mph. If there is any way you can avoid those stretches on your route (find out beforehand from locals or ask at police stations) please do it. I can’t stress how dangerous those spots are and you don’t realize it until you’re right in the middle of one.

    I don’t want to be a downer so I’ll just say please be really, really careful with your route. Having said that, I am sure you can and will succeed and you’ll have the time of your life doing it. I am also planning another try so I will be following your progress and pulling for you the whole way. Good luck to you!

    1. Thanks Kent …that photo of Zoë and Rosa brought tears to our eyes …and thank you for the good advice to Zoë ( AKA :Sparky ) …we all love her way too much to see anything or anyone hurt her …I am so happy there are people like you in this world …you are now part of the good vibe that will carry Sparky across the country safely …Take care and if ever in Maine remember this : Our door is always open …and the light’s always on ! All the Best , Rick Romano ( Big Daddy The Jog Blog Dog )

  3. I’m a friend of your parents and Dave & Anne. Your running is so impressive, Zoe! Keep on truckin’, be safe, and don’t upset the cops.

  4. Hi Zoe! Great pic and article in the Huntington paper. You and Rosa look so happy – how sweet and special you both are. Rest up li’l niece. Sending you tons of love and a huge hug. Aunt Anne

  5. Big Daddy says ….WOW to Big Daughter Sparky !! This is an adventure for all of us….be safe and enjoy the running …keep on running pretty daughter , run my blues away ! ( sort of a take off on a Grateful Dead Song ) …every body sing along now ……KEEP ON RUNNIN PRETTY ZOE , RUN OUR BLUES AWAY …one more time now …..KEEP ON RUNNIN PRETTY ZOE , RUN OUR BLUES AWAY …

    And there’ll be Love , Love , Love !!

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