Dog days of January

So I just realized that the post from yesterday never uploaded. So tonight’s post will be a double whammy!  Here’s yesterday’s tale:

Today I ran out into the middle of nowhere. Early on in the run I saw a sign that said” No Services for next 100 miles”  Oh my.  It was perfect weather though and quite enjoyable.  It is really weird out in the desert … it’s like there is no sense of time or distance.  I usually have somewhat a good sense for how long I’ve run, without looking at a clock or mile markers, but out here I have no idea.  If it weren’t for my brother in the RV I wouldn’t have known when to stop.

Speaking of the RV, the days have taken a different tilt since my brother has been with me.  It is really nice because I can run 15 miles in the morning then break for a couple hours to eat lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ice, and rest a bit. That’s how my training was back in Maine and it’s nice to do it that way again.  Also because I can stop right at 25 or 30 or whatever mileage I want and not worry about reaching a town or lodging or anything.

The worst part of the day?  I came face to face with a few big scary growling dogs.  I am a huge baby about dogs to begin with and this has been one of my worst fears about the trip. Unfortunately I think these encounters will happen lots more :  /  this time I just stood tall and growled a bit back at them. They backed off a bit and I put as much distance between myself and them as I could, but quite a few people have suggested being nice to them. Or at least having treats on hand. Or using pepper spray. I carry pepper spray anyway, so that’s covered, but tonight I’ll get some treats too.  If anybody has got any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Other than that a wonderful day topped off by a delicious dinner cooked by my brother.  Yet another advantage of having him and the RV with me :  )

And today’s story:

Today was a bit of an interesting day.  We got a late start and so I wasn’t running until 10.  It felt a lot hotter today but I’m not sure if it really was. I ran 22 miles and did not see one house the entire time.  It really feels like being on another planet.

At the end of my morning run, we came across a trucker stuck in the sand out in the middle of nowhere.  My brother told him what I was doing, and the guy reaches right into his pocket and hands me a twenty-dollar bill.  People really are incredible.  Things like that are just very tangible examples of how generous and compassionate humans can be.  It was a great way to end the morning run.

Broke for food and ice, pb and j again.  Lots of Gatorade and Clif Shot Books, my favorite of the energy gels/bars/bites/goos/snacks etc.  Didn’t get started on my second run until 3 because of the initial late start.  I had 13 miles to run and had to cut it short by 3 miles because the sun was going down and I wasn’t up for sticking around to meet the coyotes.  It’s a bit of a drag to be short 3 miles but in the grand scheme of things it’s just a minor setback.  I can do the extra miles tomorrow.

right now I am sitting at the emergency room because my poor brother has some health issues going on.  He got hit pretty bad in the ribs right before he came, and now he’s in a lot of pain and we want to make sure nothing is broken or bleeding internally etc.  So everybody please send your prayers and good thoughts his way! 

Also, I wanted to extend another thank you to Delorme for donating the handhold GPS and satellite communicator.  Cell reception is very poor out here and the GPS has been working perfectly and allowing me to send Geo-tagged messages to my family letting them know I’m okay. In the next day or two I should have a website up where everyone can track my progress in real time. So cool!


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

4 thoughts on “Dog days of January”

  1. Dear Gabe and Sparky …it really sounds like you are both on an adventure that’s difficult to imagine …so different from back east where there are houses are every 50′ , no coyotes and signs that say … ” next service 2 miles ” . I like the treats for the dogs idea but I have also heard that putting your hand out to a dog can be the wrong thing to do ! Please do some research , ask questions and get the best advice …we don’t need two adventurers heading to the emergency room !

    Now Gabe , I feel so bad that your ribs are causing so much pain …who ever said basketball is not a contact sport ! Tell that to your ribs eh ?!
    Mom and I are sending you good vibes and lots of love to help with the healing and lower the pain …we are so thankful for your courage and kindness toward Zoë …you do remember what Mom and I have so often said about the importance of La Familia , friends and taking good care of those around you …get better so you can comfortably get behind the wheel and the grille !

    Back home the snow flies , temperatures are plunging and the sky has grayed with the endless stale tones of New England winters …enjoy the sun , stay warm and wishes sent for safe passages .

    Big Love , Dad xoxox

  2. Ok Z, I love you but I swear if u spray a dog w pepper spray we may not be friends. Use the mean voice and say NO and GO Home.
    I can’t believe you n gabe had to go to the ER. Craziness.
    Like your daddy-o said, the skies are grey here and I’m thinking about how we used to go sledding and come home for cocoa and then Margaritas that one time. Have fun and stay safe

  3. Zoe,
    We are sooo excited about your upcoming run thru AZ!!! Preston and I are checking out your adventures online. Preston says “hi” and wishes you good luck on your way here…. and…btw…there’s an awesome big bag of jelly beans for you in Surprise!!!

    1. Thanks Deb…hey Preston …how did your basketball game go ? Who’s your favorite hoop star ? And do you have any favorite teams ….probably the Suns !! I like the Celtics but I am a huge Steve Nash fan ….thanks for being so sweet to Zoë …ask her to show you a few soccer moves !!

      Lotsa Peace and Love , Cousin Rick

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