Life is Beautiful

Great day today! Physically very hard but a really inspiring day all around.
well, it started out sad actually…my brother Gabe dropped me at my start and we said our goodbyes :  (  he has to go back to the real world and leave me behind in this running dream world.  Gabe if you’re reading this it was so so reassuring and motivating knowing you were just around the corner waiting for me with a wet towel and a funny video to watch. Thank you for using your vacation time to come help :  )

It was an adjustment getting used to running with the stroller again, and the road started on an incline.  My blisters were KILLING me so I stopped early on and tried to do some roadside repair. Didn’t work too well, ended up walking the first 5 miles.  I reached the next town and stopped at a cafe for coffee and food, and the place was straight outta the movies.  The booths, the barseats, the 5 different kinds of pie, all the locals eating their breakfast. Pretty neat.

A little bit later I had one of the best experiences so far. I saw two men standing outside their RV on the shoulder and shouted to ask if they were okay. When they turned to answer I saw one had a Boys and Girls Club shirt on!  I went over to talk to them and it turns out this guy had just opened a new club as part of the Clubs of Metro Denver!! I told him what I was doing and that my uncles had raised$2,000 for the Denver clubs in honor of this run.  We took some pictures together and swapped contact info and words of encouragement.  I really got an adrenaline rush from this chance meeting….the world is so small and I really think everything happens for a reason. Thanks Dick Hodges for making my day :  )

after that encounter I was buzzing with energy and took off running.  I did about 12 miles until I really thought my toes were going to fall off from the blisters. I walked the final 3 miles and they were probably the hardest I’ve had yet. Every step hurt. But I sang to myself and called my sister and distracted myself from the effort until I had reached the end and maaaan did it feel good to sit and take my sneaks off!

And now I am at my cousins house in AZ spending the next two nights here.  Looks like I’ve got a lot of exciting stuff lining up for the next week as I go through the metro Phoenix area. I’m stoked :  )

Here is the mileage for the first two weeks:
1/8: 25
1/9: 35
1/10: 20
1/11: 18
1/12: rest
1/13: 18
1/14: 21
1/15: rest
1/16: rest
1/17: 25
1/18: 22
1/19: 22
1/20: 25
1/21: 25
1/22: 22


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

3 thoughts on “Life is Beautiful”

  1. It’s pretty awesome what you’re doing Zoe 🙂 I’ll run the day with you through Phoenix/Tempe if you want some company, just need the date, time, and location…..

  2. Well Sparky our hats are off to Gabe …if it were not for his courage and kindness this past week , I think I would have collapsed !! It gave me a good chance to get caught up at work and a few good nights rest without dreaming of google searches , faxes to Police , contacting hotels , talking up the run with local commerce chambers , chatting with Boy & Girls Clubs ….over and over thru the night ” Hi my name is ……….” But all for a great cause , a fantastic daughter and a chance to be a part of history ! When you’re ready to start a new adventure count me in !!

    Last night on the way home from Logan Airport , Gabe was full of good news , funny of stories and pictures along the way …he finally fell asleep as we made our way home through the early morning hours along I – 95 .

    Mom traveled next to me and she too fell asleep ….it gave me a lot of time to contemplate how I have got to this point in my life with my children and how your lives now make up the greater part of mine . Fatherhood , I have come to realize , is the nonstop , ever changing , revolving and evolving interaction between my children and the paths they have chosen to follow .

    Early on and up to just a few years ago , I though I had a clear vision of the path we were all walking . I could see where the path led and I liked its twists , turns and dips . Yet when I walked that path with all of you , I often wondered what was around the next bend , behind some of the path’s trees or down the steep banks off to the side of our life’s path . I wondered if we would all stay on the same path or if one of you would choose a distant road , an ocean channel or to stay at home and walk a path with your own families .

    Now I wonder no more , the answers are clear …there are many paths to walk and for some to run , there are oceans to cross , there are hearts to be won and there are many roads to be traveled . I like it this way and I am happy and proud knowing that my children can hop off the path from time to time and ride a wave , chase a dream , explore a notion , investigate a hunch , question what seems to be crystal clear , take on a challenge and to change what all say cannot .

    I am comfortable and secure knowing too that whatever the road , whatever the dream , whatever the chase ….all paths lead home …maybe not to stay but for just a brief visit , a quiet time to gain the courage and support to push on again and make a path where before that moment , there was not one .

    I have enjoyed watching all my beautiful Children walk their life paths …don’t stop for long , keep walking , I am right next to you .

    Dad xoxox

  3. Zoe,
    Was a joy to meet you. Your impact on the Denver Clubs, Brighton in particular, is not known yet, we are thinking on that. I persist in meeting folks who show the possible. An inspiration for sure

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