Thank you Tio Alberto



Today’s blog is for my wonderful Uncle Al.  For the past eleven days, Uncle Al has been picking me up in the afternoon at the end of my 25 miles, driving back to his house in Mesa, and then driving me back out in the morning, and repeating that everyday.  He has cooked for me, treated me to dinner, breakfast, took me sightseeing, introduced me to the family, and kept me entertained with stories and memories about my Mom’s family. 
He’s taken all the pictures you see on Facebook and as I write this I can imagine he’s back at his house waiting for the email to ping with a notification of a new blog post.  So this one is for you Uncle Al!! Thank you so much for everything :  )

Aside from that, today I didn’t run because we had to go pick up the RV and pack it up in the middle of the day.  My friend will be driving it for the next two weeks to help me out. Then we had to drive 3 hours to where I last stopped running.  We took a detour onto a backroad to try to find this lake that we saw on a satellite map, but when we asked some guys about it they sorta laughed and said that what we were seeing was an old dam that isn’t really used anymore and now there was just maybe a small pond there.  So we didn’t see any cool lakes but we did see some more amazing desert/mountain vistas, and my friend is a photographer so I will definitely be getting some good shots to put up here from these next two weeks!

That’s all the news from here, hope everyone has a fun weekend :  )


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

3 thoughts on “Thank you Tio Alberto”

  1. Big Love to Uncle Al !! Thanks to you I rested a little better during the past two weeks …life is full of so many unknowns but one thing that is for certain …All You Need Is Love …with it I know I’ll Get By With A Little Help From MY Friends ! …and family too !!

    I raise my glass to Uncle Al …here’s to a very special friend and Uncle …Salute !

    Thanks Big Uncle Al , Rick

  2. Yes I’m sure everyone reading Zoe’s story has been happy to know Uncle Al was there for nearly 2 wks with lots of TLC!! We had a much needed rest . Thanks Uncle Al from the bottom of my heart and Sadie’s and Rick’s and Rosa’s and Gabe’s and especially Zoe’s. We love you! oxox Jina

  3. Zoe, stumbled across your site and thought I’d pass along a thought or two. I ran my Transcon in 1990 (2/21 Newport Beach -5/26 Atlantic City). As you’re finding out, a Great experience!
    May the sun forever shine upon your face,
    May the wind forever blow upon your back,
    May your goals forever be in site,
    May your beliefs forever give you strength,
    and May your Spirit forever run free!

    Good luck!

    Another Day, Another Mile

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