Happy as a Clam





Wow and wow. Today was great, and yesterday was great.  Yesterday was actually so good that I didn’t think I could write a blog about it right away.  Had to just smile and enjoy it without words for a while.  But that’s where I’ll start tonight…so yesterday I had a really good run.  I started in a small town and within 5 miles was out on the open road.  All I can say is that this is the feeling of pure freedom.  There hasn’t been any other time in my life when I’ve felt this way, at this level.  You can see the road stretch out ahead of you, you’ve got music in your ears, everything you need in the stroller in front of you, and you’re covering ground under your own power.  It’s bliss.

After I finished running my friend Alex and I sat outside in our camping chairs and enjoyed some ice cold homemade grapefruit juice, courtesy of Tio Alberto.  After a bit Alex climbed up a hill nearby to snap some photos from the top.  I stayed back and was writing in my journal, lost in thoughts, when I realized Alex had disappeared over the other side of the hill and I hadn’t seen him for quite some time.  After deliberating and waiting a bit longer, I started to really worry something had happened to him, so I packed a safety bag and went on a rescue mission.  Binoculars, first-aid kit, knife, whistle, headlamp, compass, the whole nine yards.  20 minutes later I found him in photographer’s heaven on the other side of the hill.  Once I got to the top I could understand why he got lost in time up there…the view was INCREDIBLE.

After that little hike, and avoiding some cattle on the way down, we drove back to where I had left that morning.  The family that had put us up the previous 2 nights had invited us for dinner :  )  So we feasted on homemade lasagna, salad, and cupcakes, and had a really nice time with the family, talking and sharing the photos with them.

As if John and Ruth (the parents) had not been kind enough yet, the invited us to spend another night in their guest bedroom.  And in the morning they sent us off with our bellies full of homemade breakfast and hot coffee.  I don’t know if they’ll see this but if they do, John and Ruth you both are incredibly kind and compassionate people.  It was SO nice to spend time in your home and with your beautiful children- it reminded me of being back at my own home.

So that brings us to today, which was another great day. I crossed into New Mexico!!! I really felt invincible the second half of the run-  I had a gradual climb for the last 5 miles and crossed the border at mile 21.  I can’t believe it! Im already across two states! I think it’s going too fast!!  It’s sorta a surreal feeling, because I thought and planned and dreamed so long about all this happening and about specific parts and I remember looking over and over again at maps and now those specific parts are actually happening…it’s crazy.

Apart from crossing into NM, I had beautiful weather and landscapes and my soundtrack was again just perfect.  Alex brought me over a mix of 307 songs and has been letting me listen to his Ipod this week.  New music is the best!

We are staying in another tiny town and just ate dinner at the only restaurant here.  They were having taco night, as in all they were serving was tacos Haha. But they were only a dollar each so Alex and I each had 8. By 8:15 we were the only ones left in the place…I think this town must go to sleep early!

So the mileage for today was 25 and yesterday was 26.  Tomorrow I reach a really cool town in New Mexico that I’ve been looking forward to :  )


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

7 thoughts on “Happy as a Clam”

  1. Hey Zmoney,
    I’m so proud and happy and excited and proud and jealous and proud of you. I love you.
    xxoooxoxooxxxxx and sunshine and light wind
    Sadie skiuut the First

  2. oooooeeeee Baby !! New Mexico ….life on the road , the sun , the hills , the views . Freedom of the heart , mind and soul …Mom and I are full of tears of joy .

    Today I am energized by your blog post and I know the day will be spent telling the entire world about it !

    Get out there and run Sparky , your journey is ours . Big Love from Big Daddy the Jog Blog Dog !

  3. Hey Zoe,
    This is Mary Greenvall, the program director at the Portland Boys and Girls Club. We are so honored to have you running for the Clubs. The kids will be excited to read this new entry about your journey. Thank you so much for your generosity and commitment. Best of Luck and Keep on Keeping on!!! We are with you in all of our Spirit at the Boys and Girls Club!

  4. Another turn, another hill, another state, another journey, and more amazing stories that we are all so lucky to read. I’ve been sending you positive energy everyday, so you can thank me for helping you indirectly push those soon-to-be-stronger-legs-than-mine along. There have been days where I just feel so worn out by the craziness of life, and your stories of kind hearted people and endless freedom make me stop and think about how great this world we live in truly is. It’s so great that you can find a way to put it into words. Thank you

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