So Much Color in the Absence of Color

guest blog written tonight by my Dad!!:

On Thursday of last week , Jina and I flew to the Southwest to meet Zoë… it was there in the dry sun and gentle desert breeze , a relief from the snow and cold of our home back in Maine , that we began our short ten day journey with Zoë .

Tonight I write this post …Zoë , after running 26 arduous yet rewarding and scenic miles , has gone off to tend to her blisters; the baby carrot sized sores and aching muscles are her prizes for the marathon like , six hour day on the road , its long uphill climbs and a constant wind that relents for only a short enough time to allow a quick wipe of the eyes .

We have been with Zoë for just thee days , so much passes through my mind as I ride my bike out there with her…the whirling wind overcomes all other sound and it allows me time to go within myself , giving way to all other thoughts and concerns ; I come to feel like Zoë , alone yet with so many , alert yet deep in contemplation , tired yet eager to go on .

While riding , the desert is everywhere ; for distant miles of forever , you can see it peppered with low and sparse vegetation . Unlike the ocean , the taste is saltless and unlike the forest with its fresh scents of pines , it is without a scent . The Organ and Sacramento Mountains rise sharply and quickly from their bases , they are brown , stale gray and deeply shadowed . Stretch after stretch of Route 70 East is bleached a pale yellow and even the few homes along the way have been faded to shallow tints of green , gray , amber and tan . The tar that has been laid to make up Route 70 has also fallen victim of the hot sun and is no longer black , it is now worn to gray and the soft and dry shoulders of the east to west New Mexico Highway is littered with everything imaginable , it is a collection of toast dry items spattered along the road left to bake away in powdered time .

In this absence of color …there is so much color ! To be with Zoë is brilliant red , happy and proud , I am overcome by her resilience and dedication . I hear every step she takes along the way !

The stoic blue of Tyson who perfectly assembled our bikes at The Bicycle Company in El Paso…

The generous orange and lemon yellow of Chris Rowell , Owner of Up and Running in El Paso, who so generously discounted two pair of running shoes for Zoë and before she left had her autograph a t-shirt to be displayed at his fitness store !

The warm and welcoming green of Rosie , the unbelievably fun and kind Owner of Casa de Rosie , the best B & B west of the Mississippi . She treated us to a complimentary nights stay complete with a delicious , home cooked dinner and a morning time breakfast to set any cowboy straight . You haven’t been to Mesilla , NM until you’ve been to Rosie’s !!

Last night the friendly shades of Orange at the Evergreen RV Park in Alamogordo , NM …thank you John !!

And tonight a warm welcome mat of soft crimson , silver and gold was put down for us at an amazingly beautiful lodge at the base of New Mexico’s ski slopes …Doug and the good folks at The Shadow Mountain Lodge in Ruidoso , NM have again given us a very kind expression of support for Zoë’s run by treating us to a complimentary stay at this wooded and natural beauty along the New Mexico Way !

What color the sun and desert have taken from this special place , the warm and friendly folks of Texas and New Mexico have so colorfully replaced .

Thanks to all and goodnight , Rick AKA : Big Daddy The Jog Blog Dog


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

3 thoughts on “So Much Color in the Absence of Color”

  1. Wow Zoe, What a great joy to have your parents there sharing the experience. I love reading your posts every day. I have seen every bit of that road myself and it has its own beauty.

    1. Great work Zoe!!! We are all so amazed by your stamina ( that kind heart of yours drives you well) As always your Dad’s poetic words touch heart strings in all who read them…
      Sleep well and may God, the force, Willie Nelson, and Atalanta be with you. Papa Hank and Papa Mema are surely beaming down on you!!
      Love Uncle Dan, Auntie Di, and Cosmo

  2. As always, Dad has a way with words.
    Here in the desert of Fuerte, the most intense colors come from the sky. The winter sunsets are breathtaking. How are they in NM?
    peace and love xxx

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