Two months on the road!

I made up a great joke today:

Why couldn’t the wildfire cross the street?
Because it got the wind knocked out of it!!

Haha it had me laughing for a good 4 or 5 miles.  It’s great when you have those days where you can entertain yourself for hours with things like that. Good thing I am easily amused.

Today marked 2 months on the road!!! I can’t believe it! Yikes! I feel like I’m rocking and rolling but the other part of me is like whoa whoa whoa slow this thing down! It’s going by too quickly!!!  So I thought I’d do a nice 2 month recap tonight.  Run down the list of moments and memories.

Total distance run:
About 1225 but that’s a lazy man’s estimate cus I haven’t tallied up my own mileage recordings, I just google mapped it a minute ago, but I zig-zagged a bit across the google route.

States crossed:
CA, AZ, NM, 1/3 of TX

Rotating between my 3rd and 4th pair now

Toenails lost: 3

Blisters killed: 5 – 10 good ones?

Things found on the side of the road now residing in my stroller:
farming hook/tool, kept as a weapon. Car mirror, kept as a signal mirror. Car cell phone charger, still working, kept to use in the RV, then returned to the road. $1.58 in change. Hotwheels Cadillac, gave to Henry this morning. Screwdriver. Standard-issue US military cap, belonging to an Officer Miller.

Most common item sighted on side of road:
5 hour energy bottles. Car chargers. Bungee cords. PLASTIC BAGS. Dead coyotes, deer, dogs, skunks.

Things gifted to me along the way: Coffee mug from Rosie. T-shirts from the BGC in Roswell. Wine glasses and T-shirts from Tonnie Silver Dollar Inn.  SportsLegs anti-cramping electrolyte supplement packs. Running shirts from Cheryl. Bible from Coach Ed and Nadine. Two loaves of banana bread, from Sarah K and Michele. Drawings from the kids at the BGC in Desert Hot Springs. Pocket knife and St. Christopher medal from Uncle Al. Armenian protective pendant from Anita’s mom. Nightlight from Carla and Monte. National Geographic hat from the NatGeo Television Crew in Lordsburg, NM.

Favorite Runs:
Ruidoso, NM. Superior to Globe, AZ. Yorba Linda to Riverside, CA. Crosbyton to Spur, TX.

Most frustrating moments:
3 popped tubes and being escorted off the road by the Police in Beaumont, CA. Running into collapsed sections of the road 8 miles into a run in Banning, CA and having to turn back. Pulling a hamstring and walking 25 miles in Roswell, NM.

Moments of Invincibility:
Crossing each and every state line. Reaching the Apache summit after a 19 mile ascent in Ruidoso. Reaching Globe after hail, tunnels, no shoulder, switchbacks, and lots of climbing. The starting line.

Biggest challenges:
Achilles tendinitis. Inaccurate maps for pedestrian routing. Banked shoulders. Construction. Feet swelling. Drinking enough water.

Might have done these things differently 2nd time around…:
Running 35 miles on day 2 with Achilles straps on the whole time. Not resting on rest days.

Little moments I hold near to my heart: there are many and these are just a few that crossed my mind today:
Climbing up the mountain in Lev’s backyard on day 2 to enjoy an incredible view of Riverside after a hard run.  Turning a corner up in the mountains in Globe and looking across at my first copper mine.  Celebrating with my brother and a glass of cold Gatorade at the end of our first day together, then driving back over the route and being in awe of how much distance I had covered. Eating breakfast with my Uncle at his clubhouse. Walking into a room full of kids awaiting my arrival with welcome signs at the BGClub in Phoenix, AZ.  Sitting at a picnic table on day 1 and enjoying my first lunch of Clif Bars and Gatorade. Crossing the TX state line with my parents cheering me on. Attending a beauty pageant with the Gregory’s in Lubbock, TX. Leaving my cell phone behind at a Subway on my very first night and having to walk an extra 6 miles that night to go retrieve it. (Yes I really did that) Running Baylor Pass trail with Alex. Starting on the pier with Rosa and Erin. Playing in boxes with Henry. Pep-talking myself one morning in CA when I really felt physically, mentally, and logistically defeated. Running out of Crosbyton and dropping off the Cap Rock.

Well, there’s about a million things but I have to save some stuff for the book :  )  This run has been the best and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I still smile bright everytime I think about it. Hey, I’m running across the country. That’s pretty neat…


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

8 thoughts on “Two months on the road!”

  1. You sure do make us proud. thanks for all your awesomeness! oxox mom ps my favorite time with you was seeing you with the kids at the clubs & your eyes all sparkly-Sparky!

  2. All day yesterday i told my friendo and pretty much anyone who would listen that you’d been Running for 2 months. Somehow i just forgot to tell you…WOOOHOOO! Happy Running today and lots of love

  3. Goodmorning Z! Its 715 here and bobby and I are headed to the barn. I just read him this entire post. We are so proud and in awe of all you have done. But, bobbys comment was best: “at least after texas the states get smaller!”. Here’s to safe travels and more border busting! Xox Em

  4. Hey Sparky …love that joke ! Do I hear a little “Dad” in the corny thought of it …watch out if you start getting like me ….not only will there be corny jokes but crazy poems , silly songs and dumb dittys !

    I wanted to add one of the more amazing events along your way …and I’m so happy Mom and I were there too . It goes like this : out there in the middle of a Texas dust storm , with nerves elevated , the sadness of leaving you setting in and the irony of the empty feeling in our hearts though we had just crossed the Texas line together …the three of us there with all these overwhelming emotions …out of the dust an angel appeared , Tommy Burrus ! Without saying it , Tommy and his kind wife Sarah Kay let Mom and I know your continued journey would be a safe one …I felt a special human bond that afternoon while having lunch with Tommy and Sarah at their ranch …a bond that joins all of us , a human characteristic within all of us . Something that has no boundaries , no race , no color , no restrictions …LOVE . It’s all we need and when love is expressed and shared the world spins in perfect harmony .

    So today Sparky , like Tommy and Sarah Kay …let LOVE be in your steps.

    Thanks Tommy , Sarah Kay and all the wonderful expressions of caring by so many people along Zoë’s Journey !

  5. Zoe, we are so proud of you! You are in our thoughts and prayers every night. We sit at the dinner table and try to imagine where you are or what family may be lucky enough to have you for the evening.
    Thanks for everything your doing for the BGClub and thanks for coming into our lives!

    Happy 2 months!!!!!!

    We love & miss you tons!

    Mia, Jim, Seth, & Autumn-Rose

  6. Hey Zoe, Congratulations on 2 months on the road. I am enjoying your blogs everyday and sharing them with my friends out here in CA. In fact a couple of my friends read about you in their local paper down in Southern California!!!!
    Stay safe and enjoy your wonderful adventure. It is amazing!!!

  7. Zoe – My sister used to work for your dad and tolde me about your run. Have been following your log in awe. I just love the spirit in your postings. You seem like you are doing this for the experience and your joy is evident.

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