Hills and History in Jacksboro, TX






Let me just make it clear that whoever said that Texas was flat was quite misinformed! It may have been flat in the Plains, for the first week, but for the past 10 days it’s been steady hills for me and my stroller.  I’ve been getting quite the arm workout pushing it uphill and holding onto it on the downhills.  But I do have to say that at least the hills sort of break up the distance, and make you feel like you’re really covering a lot of ground.

Aside from hills, today was an awesome run. Awesome. Oddly enough it started kind of badly. If we lost an hour of sleep on Sunday, I got it back this morning…woke up at 8:17, exactly an hour later than I normally wake up. I just couldn’t pull myself out of bed. Then when I started running it was cooollld and windy, looking like it might rain.

But as soon as I started running, everything felt great. The sun came out, it warmed up, and I ran the first 17 miles without even stopping for a drink. Must have been that extra hour of sleep :  )

So I made the 27 miles in pretty good time, and finished up in Jacksboro in the afternoon.  My hosts just took me on a tour of the town, showing me the Jack County Museum, the old military Fort, Chamber of Commerce, and the schools. I have to include here that as I came into Jacksboro, I was greeted as always by the big water tower displaying the town’s name in the distance. However, Jacksboro is the first town in which I could also see the football stadium lights from several miles out. Football rates pretty high in Texas. Even the smallest towns of 500 people have a well-groomed football field and stadium.  That’s pretty neat.

The other really neat part of the town is the old fort, now Fort Richardson State Park. I was going to camp there if I couldn’t find a host here in town. The Fort was used in the late 1860s to protect the community from the Comanche and Kiowa Indians. Now it’s a well-kept State Park with some of the original buildings still standing (including a hospital, bakery, and artillery cabin), as well as campsites, nature trails, and meadows that fill up with deer at dusk. Beautiful.

Pictures are from recent wildfires just outside Jacksboro, the water tower and stadium lights in the background, and an original log cabin built by some of the very first settlers in this area in the 1880s.


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

5 thoughts on “Hills and History in Jacksboro, TX”

  1. To all the folks following Zoe’s story- This morning as Zoe was getting her extra hour of sleep , I was pacing the floor at work wondering why I hadn’t heard anything from her. Not wanting to disturb her possible sleep but also worried about her ,I gave in & called. She had just got on the road & was about to begin her day- what a relief & what perfect timing to say good morning! #1 fan Z’s mom

  2. We have thought about you and prayed for you a million times since you left yesterday. So happy to see your safe arrival pictures and the history lesson. Yes! Your arms will get more work. We will keep track of you every day… no more liitle house on prairie! Know you have a place in our home and hearts always. Love you much! Greg & D’Anne

  3. Now wait a minute there Mrs . Romano !!! I think you have it all wrong …While I was concerned about not hearing from Zoë , I resolved my worry by realizing I was her #1 Fan and in being so …. I was assured all was well and she was gathering up an extra hour of sleep .

    For all you Bloggers out there … I think we need to settle this #1 fan issue once and for all ….Please cast your vote ! Now here’s how it works …the loser will bake and mail to Zoë her favorite home made treat ( clearly my Valentine’s Cupcakes ) while the winner gets all expenses paid vacation to run with Zoë for one week . Jina you can book my flight today !!

    Please vote soon and vote often …and I thank you all in advance for your vote .

    Blog On , Big Daddy the Jog Blog Dog ….undoubtedly Sparky’s #1 FAN

  4. Zoe spent the night at our house in Jacksboro. Great girl, great mission. We really are glad to have the opportunity to meet and visit with her. I am now a fan. I vote for Big Daddy, if he is the dad, because I would worry myself silly if my daughter were on the road for months. Good luck Zoe!

  5. Hi sweet girl!
    I want to tell you how much we enjoy reading your blog. You write so well that I actually feel like i’m right next to you seeing things through your words. I’m so proud of you and the terrific progress you’re making.
    I will be heading to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with Autumn on Thursday. I hope we run into you. Maybe we could treat you to lunch or a popsicle! Lol
    Have a terrific day,
    Mama Mia

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