Run to Runaway Bay



Tonight I was treated to a wonderfully entertaining visit with the lovely ladies of Runaway Bay, TX. I am staying with Darla and Jerry here in Runaway Bay, a town that started as a golf course and resort, and slowly developed around the golf course until it was its own full-fledged town in 1964, with a current population of 1,400. 

After getting a small tour of the neighborhood, Darla invited her friends over for dinner.  I had such a good time with these Texas ladies that I told them my visit with them would get its own chapter in my book.  They were hilarious. It’s hard to paint a portrait of the night, but just imagine me sharing dinner and conversation with a table of retired ladies all with a healthy sense of humor.  I’ll repeat this gem of a line offered up by the widowed Mary: “My husband used to say there were two times a wife should be at home. When her husband’s there, and when he’s not” 

This dinner was the perfect ending to an eventful day. I started off this morning around 10, after being interviewed by the local newspaper in Jack County.  I then had another really good run but exhausting, keeping a good pace heading into the wind for 26 miles and lots more hills.  I might be feeling that tomorrow.  I arrived into my next town around 4 and was met by the local newspaper- never bookended a run with news interviews!  I was also treated to a free sandwich at Subway :  )   I mentioned to the journalist that I didn’t have lodging for the next town and in 5 minutes she had called a cousin up that way and found me a place to stay! Also during the run, my hosts D’anne and Greg from Graham stopped by to say hi on their way to Ft. Worth, I thought that was really sweet.

So after a long day of hills I am ready for bed. One of the women I met tonight is a pilot and she might take me out tomorrow morning for a ride over the lake, if the wind isn’t too bad. More to come on that tomorrow!


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

5 thoughts on “Run to Runaway Bay”

  1. Hey Zoe!
    I think you better take that plane ride in the morning! It might be just the thing to give you the flying bug so you’ll learn to fly like we talked. Then you’d be able to retrace your run via the air! Zoe goes flying! Sounds like the perfect title for book number two! We’ve really enjoyed following you. It’s hard to believe I dropped you off in Jayton just a week ago! We talk about you all the time, Henry especially. Take care and good luck!

  2. Oh my Z ….what a great post ! Especially the joke !!

    The more I read about Texas it becomes apparent that a chapter about Texas will not be enough … Tales of Texas will have to be its own book !

    Many thanks to all the sweethearts of Runaway Bay , Jina and I would love to spend an evening of laughter with you …VISIT US IN MAINE !

    Now for the airplane piece …Poppy would be out of his mind with excitement …and he would tell you the story of his brother Robert who had a crash landing in Scarboro , Maine during WW II …he loved the story and told it at every opportunity ! PLEASE NO CRASH LANDINGS !

    I believe we are on the verge of Zoë Goes Running , Zoë Goes Flying , Zoë Goes Biking ….Zoë Goes !!

    Way Big Love …Fly On , Dad xoxoxox

  3. What a wonderful surprise to you running as we came over the hill outside of Bridgeport! We have your picture on the fridge to “see” you every day, Zoe. Hope you were able to fly this morning and give those feet a rest. And to your mom and dad: we can’t tell you how much your sweet daughter has blessed all of us! Texas has always been great, but Zoe has made it even better! Happy running today and remember to wear some green tomorrow. Love you much, Greg & D’Anne

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