Ok I am exhausted and would love to write something beautiful but my brain’s already asleep!
I had 30 miles today but only made it 26 because I had to get to the Boys and Girls Club to meet this kids this afternoon. It was a tough day, first day back after a rest, but a good one. I had several people stop and tell me they had read about me! And one man stopped and gave me a donation with a nice note from him. That made my day :  )

Then this afternoon my brother’s friend Paul picked me up in McKinney and drove me back to the Denton area to visit the BGClub in Lake Dallas. (Thank you Paul!!) It was awesome, the kids were wonderful and really enthusiastic :  )  they made me a huge banner with different individual drawings on it and a nice framed certificate of appreciation with a photo of everyone, and signed by everyone too. So that made my day again!  I want to extend a huge thank you to Coach Kevin for being so excited about having me visit the Club, getting the newspaper in there, and offering transportation.  I am really hoping that with the story in the local newspapers, we can raise some money that will go directly to this Club. I am working on getting a link up on the site for that, but if you are in the Metroplex area, (or anywhere!) and would like to donate directly to the local Club in honor of the run, please just shoot me an email: zoeromano@gmail.com. I really received such a warm welcome and got such positive feelings from my visit to this club, so I would really like to see that they benefit directly from my feet pounding the pavement.

Now I’ve just got to slather on some Icy Hot and I am all set to pass out for the night in the beautiful home of Stacy Foster Tate, a friend of my cousin and my host for the night :  )

And a HUGE thank you to Phil Thorpe for hosting me for an extended weekend in Dallas and treating me to delicious home-cooked dinners, (Mi Huun?), a visit to the Dallas Arboretum, and a glimpse of what it means to be British: Heinz beans for breakfast and the BBC Masterpiece drama “Downton Abbey” after dinner. I had a great time!


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

3 thoughts on “Onward!”

  1. How cool? British? 🙂 so glad you are getting closer to the eastern seaboard. Keep up the good work, you are amazing!
    Be safe,

  2. Thanks Phil …from Rick , Jina and family !! Also a big Thank you to Paul and Coach Kevin …

    I think Jina and I will be spending the rest of the year sending Thank you Notes !!!

    Sparky …your legs , feet , mind and courage continue to overwhelm me …when you are done , please be a goodwill ambasador for the entire planet …a little love goes a very long way !!

    Love on , Dad xoxoxo

  3. Thank You sooo much Zoe and Mr. Romano! ..Our children are already asking when is Zoe coming back lol!! I extend to Zoe and her family best wishes on all her endeavors, she has truly been an inspiration to all here in North Central Texas!! ..Keep an eye on our website for highlights on her visit to our club!

    Bye Zoe,
    Coach Kevin

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