Running through a Disney movie








If yesterday was a miserably long day, today was like a slice of heaven. It’s incredible how different the run can go each day, how your mood and energy can fluctuate, and how external factors affect this. I think that yesterday was so difficult mostly because of the unrelenting wind and all the construction that I had to walk around. That made the run quite tedious. Until today I don’t think I’ve had one day in Texas (or really since Ruidoso, NM) where the wind hasn’t blown. And the crazy part is, yesterday’s forecast said it was going to be “breezy”. Breezy! 40 mph winds! Is that like when we forecast snow flurries in Maine and then acumulate 8 inches of fresh powder?

Anyway, today I literally felt like I was running through a Disney movie. Everything is so green. I don’t know if it seems even greener after so much time in the dry and dusty Southwest, but the whole landscape is a dream to look at. Rolling green hills, trees getting their leaves, and my favorite flowers- lilacs- around every corner. As butterflies floated around me and birds chirped at my side today, the only thought I had was that I was in a Disney movie where all the colors and sounds of nature are so exaggerated. So beautiful.

Despite getting lost in Greenville for a good hour this morning, I really loved this town. It reminded me a bit of Richmond, as well as Charleston, SC, my finish point.  The houses were beautiful, the downtown picturesque and the people friendly.  I made the front page of the paper this morning and went and got some copies to send home to my parents- it’s the first time I’ve still been in the town when the newspaper runs the story, so that was pretty neat.

While I was running I got numerous beeps and people pulling over to tell me they had seen the paper and wanted to wish me good luck. A couple people got out to talk to me and give me donations- that was really cool.  Midway through the run, the newspaper from my stop tonight called and mentioned that there was a BGClub in nearby Sulfur Springs, and would I be interested in visiting them if they could coordinate transportation?  2 hours later I had finished my 28 miles for the day and was on my way to the Club! I was met by a very enthusiastic group of kids with arms full of Gatorade and water for me. After talking to them we raced and they all beat me, as usual. And they never cut me any slack! ;  )

Now I am retiring into bed at John’s Creek Lodge in Klondike, TX.  I’ve been treated to two hotel nights in a row, I’m getting spoiled!

side note: Last summer, as I planned my route, I discovered the small town of Commerce, TX on the map. “Commerce, TX” is the name of one of my favorite songs, recorded by Ben Kweller. Instantly intrigued, I decided I just had to run through Commerce. I remember where I was when I made that decision, I remember what I was doing and what my training run had been like that day. I recall it all with an overwhelming clarity. It feels like so many moons ago. Today, I ran through Commerce.  As I passed under the sign and looked back at the road stretching out  behind me, all I could think about was how quickly the time goes by. It flies.


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

5 thoughts on “Running through a Disney movie”

  1. Your side note gave me goosebumps. Isn’t it an incredible sense of accomplishment and happiness when you find yourself living the dream you dared to dream? I hope i will be so fortunate to do the same thing this coming year and you, little sister, are my inspiration ;). Love you xxx

  2. Zoë today , while riding to work and thinking of you , I had an interesting thought and the last lines of your post seem to fall right in place with my thought …

    You are literally RUNNING OUT OF TIME !

    Before you know it , we’ll all be running , biking , walking and dancing our way into Charleston with you …something tells me a new journey , a new dream , a new adventure awaits you there …

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us , I awake looking forward to reading a new post from our very special …Dream Runner ! Big Love from Big Daddy The One and Only Jog Blog Dog !! xoxox

  3. So glad you had such a great day and I so enjoyed the things you shared in your blog!

    It is a beautiful time of year to be out and I too love to see the birds and flowers.

    God bless you in your travels!

  4. Your story is such an interesting one! It’s actually become the
    subject of my classes this week (along with clippings from the
    local newspaper). I wish I had known you were coming through
    here and I’d have had a bandwagon full of people to greet you.
    Cooper is a warm and inviting place….with lots of good cooks!

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