Coolest morning ever at Texas Tumbling and Trampoline Institute













Oops, just reposted the Paris post from last night. Aw well.

Today I started my run with a spring in my step- literally!  A while ago I virtually met a fellow runner, Ken Stannard, who had run across the USA with 2 friends back in 2008. I’ve been talking with Ken throughout the trip, sharing experiences etc.  He had mentioned that when I ran through Paris, I had to stop at the Tumbling and Trampoline Institute.  I had completely forgotten about it until this morning when I ran right by it! I slowed down and decided to go check it out.

45 minutes later I came out of the building, feeling like a 9 year old. This place was so cool. It is sorta like a huge warehouse space that is full of gymnastics stuff. Trampolines, those springy floors, and the best most amazingly wonderful thing I’ve ever seen- a swimming-pool-sized pit, with a trampoline for a floor, and filled with hundreds of foam cubes, 6 feet deep.  And a trampoline to the side that you use to jump into this pit.  It was fantastic. Like a kid’s dream come true, and since my inner ten-year old is really stronger than my adult self, I was in heaven. Seriously. So cool.  I have to send a huge thank you to all the lovely ladies at Texas Tumbling for letting me play around on all their equipment. Now if only they’ll set me up with a job after my run?….  ;  )

Another cool thing, I met with the Paris paper yesterday but it is an afternoon paper so it didn’t come out until 2 pm today, when I was already on the road.  But I kept running by houses in the next town over with mailboxes for the newspaper, and I started seeing that the papers had arrived and were just sitting inside those mailboxes. Well finally I couldn’t resist any longer and so I stopped and quickly snatched someone’s paper for a quick peek. The story was on the front page again, woohoo! And it had my favorite headline yet: “Living her dream”  Why, yes, I guess I am living my dream! :  )

And in case anyone is wondering, yes I put the newspaper back and quickly sprinted away before anyone took notice.

Now I am debating between an Italian restaurant in town, or staying in and watching the Richmond basketball game.  I have to admit I never saw ONE bball game while I was a student there, but this is quite a memorable event. But, Italian food….food in general…..hmmm.  Either way I have to thank the Courthouse Inn B+B for hosting me tonight- this mansion of a house is absolutely beautiful.  How lucky I am to get to stay at all these wonderful places!

And from the pictures you can see I ran through Paris, Reno, Detroit, and Little Chicago today…urban sprawl?


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

6 thoughts on “Coolest morning ever at Texas Tumbling and Trampoline Institute”

  1. Zoe, what wonderful experiences you have to treasure always! Thank you for the time you spend in sharing them with all of us. We miss you and love you much, Greg & D’Anne

  2. Hey Zoe!! Sounds like you are out of buffalo country, maybe? I love reading about your travels and hearing about you!! I still feel so privileged to have met you!! I am waiting on the day when you are on Good Morning America!! I will say,”I know her!! She stayed with me!” Haha…anyway, love ya, be safe!!

  3. It was great to meet you Zoe! It was so cool to have you at Texas Tumbling. My daughter said why didn’t you come and get me from school so I could meet her. We really enjoyed reading about your travel. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings your way. Stay safe our prayers are with you.

  4. Zoe,

    Here is my 6th grade math class.
    “It’s really cool that you are helping out kids!” Sean said.
    “Have you bought yourself a souvenir along the trip?” Grace asked.
    “You are doing GREAT and you are a nice person to help out those boys and girls!” Brandon remarked.
    “How many people have you met along the way??” Chase wondered.
    “I wonder if you have made a lot of friends along the way??” Josh queried.
    “Was it really weird to see your Mom and Dad when you passed through different states? How hard is it to run and push the carriage while running? Have you had to replace the tires?” Tyler asked.
    “How many pairs of running shoes have you gone through since your trip began?” “Have you seen any rattlesnakes yet? Mr. Ginsberg asked.

    My question: What do you think of coming to visit our class when you return?
    Lots of love,

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