38 miles!



I ran 38 miles today! Woohoo! That’s the longest run I’ve ever done! And my legs aren’t falling off…yet. haha. It will be interesting to see how they feel tomorrow, but luckily I only have 20 miles on my plate for tomorrow, and as my mom says, that should feel like a walk in the park after today!

I was lucky enough to have a running partner for a few miles this morning, a xc runner at Southern Arkansas Uni, where I stayed last night. And his name is Mickey Hammer, which is sorta the coolest name I’ve ever heard of.  I went to dinner with him and Dusty (another SAU runner) and their Coach last night. Coach Tim was awesome and his enthusiasm for all this certainly motivated me today -I met with him before leaving this morning, and he hooked me up with a team T-shirt, shorts, and socks.  And I got to meet most of the Athletic Dept/Coaching Staff and share this adventure with them.  It was pretty neat to be in the college atmosphere and especially the college athletics atmosphere, even just for the night.

Anyway, this morning Mickey started out the day with me, keeping me company for a few miles. He sent me on my way with 35 miles to go, and just in case there were any doubts about 38 miles being a tough enough challenge, the route was full of hills and ended with a bang-  3 killer hills right as I came into El Dorado. 

I only passed through downtown El Dorado briefly, but from what I saw it is one of my favorite towns so far.  The downtown is full of tree-lined streets, pretty little shops and cafes, lovely old telephone booths and street lamps, and one of the most beautiful American churches that I’ve ever seen. Since tomorrow is a short day, I might stop at one of the cafes I saw and enjoy some hot coffee and a breakfast treat before taking off. 

I’m staying tonight with a couchsurfer, Marcus, who cooked me one of the top 5 meals of the trip. A giant bowl of rice topped with two delicious sides-  a tomato stew/curry type dish from Nigeria that he said he grew up eating, and a potato and bean curry that he learned to cook in Korea. So good. Now that I’m all fed and have 38 miles under my belt, I am so definitely ready for bed. 3 days and I’m almost halfway across Arkansas- hard to believe after I spent an entire month working my way across Texas!


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

6 thoughts on “38 miles!”

  1. Wow Zoe, you never cease to amaze me!! I can’t believe you have gone that far so fast! I can’t just run pick you up if you need a place to stay!!! Lol I’m really happy for you. I read your website every night to check on you. Hard to believe you were here not that long ago. You made a wonderful lasting impression on me that I’ll never forget!! Keep on running!!! Love you much in Haskell!!

  2. Your runs are getting longer. Your blogging is getting better. I’m getting more and more excited to see you next month, but what I find so amazing and special are the comments from the people all over the country who you have met, befriended and inspired. Love you. Happy day in the park;)

  3. Hey Zorest Vump …How do you do it ….20 to 25 miles a day was staggering ….now up to 30 or more !

    And then the entire media work after the run …meeting all the good folks along the way and the hours of body care …

    Like I said last night …at this rate you can run home for a quick visit and be back in Arkansas in a flash to resume the journey …Pizza’s in the oven , see you in a few !!

    Slice On , Dad xoxox

  4. Go Zoe Go !! Hope everything is still intact after 38 miles. I’m with Sadie & dad all the way, hurry home because we can’t wait to see you. Be safe & know we’re this you always, big love oxox mom

  5. Way to go, Z! 38 miles! Whew, that’s a loooong run! Marcus’s meal sounds delicious – did you get the recipe?

    Big love – UM

  6. Zoe, read your story in the El Dorado, AR paper this morning and then realized I saw you a couple days ago while on a trip to Texarkana. In the car with three colleagues and we all commented, not knowing who you were or anything about your trip, “there’s someone who’s committed to running!” Your story is inspiring and I know the things you learn on this run will make you a great success in life, God Bless!

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