Rest day agony

Today I had to take an unplanned rest day because of thunder storms and hail and tornado watches. I started out around 9 and had to turn back after just a couple miles. I’ve never seen a sky so dark.

So I spent the entire day indoors and went a little cuckoo. Watched some movies, did some dancing, journaling, ab work, cooking, showering, reading, dramatically reciting poetry aloud to myself, all the normal stuff one gets into with too much time on their hands. WOW did I forget how looonngg the day is without a run! Even though I had a rest day 7 days ago haha. I forget every time. It feels like an eternity between now and then.

It stormed about half the day and when I thought it had reached its apex, I called Josh from the Sheriff’s Office (who had helped me find a place to stay) and admitted I was feeling a teeny bit scared. So he came over with his wife and daughter to check on me, by which time the storm had calmed a bit. So yeah, I felt like a baby. Oh well.

Tomorrow I will end within a stone’s throw of the Mississippi River and on Wednesday I’ll cross it! Hip hip hooray! I am pretty stoked for that.

Now since I have nothing to do I think I’ll go to sleep. Hopefully. If my body isn’t too full of unspent energy.


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

3 thoughts on “Rest day agony”

  1. Glad to here you survived. I’m so excited to thiNk of you crossing the Mississippi River YEHAAAA!!! Love you, happy Running and Stay dRy! Xoxooxxoxoxxx
    And to all of you who think I am slacking in my excellent blog commenting- I posted my comment on the first musical lives post so it wouldn’t feel neglected;) xoxoxooxxx

  2. So rest isn’t such a bad thing …movies on a Monday , not too bad either …Many Thanks to the kind Hamburg Sheriff ( Ashley County Arkansas ! )

    Now Big Daddy has a cure for those crazy hemped up , closed down , tight footed , slow to pass , rest days . MUSIC !! LOUD , HAPPY AND FULL OF RHYTHM …DANCE , JUMP , SHOUT AND LIMBO DOWN !!

    Sending happy thoughts and best wishes for our Mississippi bound Mainer !!

    Thanks to all the kind folks of Arkansas and to Zoë ….Dance On , Dad xoxoxo

    Thought for the day : Like an apple …a marathon a day keeps the Doctor away !

  3. Zoe I just want everyone to know- I called to check up on Zoe today while she was running & she informed me no worries the Arkansas patrols had driven by several times- it made my day so -thank you & thank you again!!
    Thanks also to the Bell family for hosting Zoe tonight. big love, oxox mom

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