Last night in Arkansas






What a beautiful day to be a runner! Temperatures holding steady around 65 and the sun shining all day long.  Can’t complain.  I finally got up at my ‘normal’ time this morning and got rocking and rolling a bit earlier than usual.  For some reason, the earlier I get up to run, the more like a runner I feel.  Some of my favorite feelings of invincibility were during a 5 am phase I went through a few years ago.  You just feel tougher, right?

Today I had a rather uneventful 32 miles into Lake Village, AR. I did feel quite safe though, because both counties that I ran through sent out deputies to come check on me. The Chicot County deputy even brought me water :  )  So a huge thank you to the Ashley and Chicot county Sheriff’s Departments! I know it definitely help put my parents at ease. The other major event of the run was that my feet were super-swelling and getting a reaction on them. Gross. Still not sure why. But a few miles before finishing, it got to be so irritating that I stopped and sprayed on some Benadryl that Michele Jones gave me back in Spur, TX. She must’ve known I was going to need it :  )

Upon coming into town I met Mike Bell and he took me around town and showed me the lake- it is 26 miles long! Then I met with the newspaper and headed back to the Bell’s house for a hot shower and a deeeelicious home-cooked meal. I was thinking today that as part of the book (that I hope to write about this trip) I should include recipes of some of the home-cooked meals I’ve had along the way. I’ve been treated to some really delicious dinners and I think it would be pretty interesting to see how the different types of dishes reflect different parts of the country. Any thoughts?

Tomorrow I’ll hit the Mississippi River around mile 8 and I cannot believe it. Another moment I thought about and dreamed of so many times during my planning period. I feel like I’ve hardly gotten a chance to get a feel for Arkansas and now I’m already moving on to the next state. It’s hard to believe that running across a state could actually feel like it went too fast to get a real sense of the people and land.  And to think most people usually do roadtrips at 65 mph, flying across the pavement in their cars!


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

11 thoughts on “Last night in Arkansas”

  1. Zoe, it was a delight to share a meal with you and hear of your journey. I can only imagine the memories this adventure has already provided. You have explored this great land in a way few people dare to attempt and I am truly impressed. I pray that God keeps you healthy and safe as your journey continues.

  2. How are the feet? I love the recipe idea and can’t wait to sample some of those dishes this summer. Thinking of you crossing the Mississippi brings tears to my eyes. I’ll be right there with you today. Congratulations and so much love xoxooxoxoxoxxx Happy footing!

    1. Well Sade now you know how it feels for Mom and I to be the parents of four very special children …doesn’y matter where , could be the Mississippi River , The Canary Islands , The Green Mountains of Vermont or the Campus of the University of Richmond …our eyes are always filled with tears of joy !!

      Love On , Dad xoxoxox

  3. Good food , good music , warm sun , green trees , kind sheriffs , friendly hosts and the Mississippi River …now how good is that !!

    A Coast to Coast Cook Book to benefit The Boys and Girls Clubs !! DEEEELICIOUS IDEA !!!

    Cook On , Dad xoxoxoxox

  4. Dear Pastor Mike Bell and Family …..thank you for looking after our very special daughter . One more amazing gift along her way …love and kindness sets the world straight and touches the lives of so many in a caring and positive way .

    Please make sure to visit Jina and I when visiting Maine …lights always on , doors always open and Jina makes the best Pizza east and west of the Mississippi !

    Thanks and know we will pass the favor forward ! Rick Romano

    1. Just a follow up note on how impressed I am with your daughter. When she left this morning I offered to drive her about mile east to help her avoid some road construction. Instead of taking me up on that offer she asked me to drive her three miles west to the place I had picked her up the day before. She wanted to start her run today where she ended yesterday. What an amazing display of character and personal integrity! Good job Mom and Dad on raising this one!

      1. Thanks Mike ! Don’t forget to visit us when you come to Maine ! Summers are amazing , as is the Seafood , warm beaches and numerous parks !

        I told you Jina makes the best Pizza east and west of the Mississippi ….the same can be said for my delicious pasta , sauce and meatballs .

        Please come visit , Rick ( and Jina too ! )

  5. WOOOO HOOO!! Last night I had a moment. I was sitting on the couch, and all of the sudden it just kind of hit me…and I thought, “Damn, my sister is running across the country…She’s incredible.” From time to time I struggle to remember that you are out there nearly every day, running for the Boys and Girls Club. When these moments arise, it fills my heart with happiness (and often jealousy!!) for you. What an amazing dream you are fullfilling. Keep the feet in good shape, and know Margaret and I think of you everyday.

    1. Dear Gabe …..I say WOOOO HOOOOO to all of my amazingly special , kind , sweet and in your case HANDSOME ! Children …I am so proud of all of you …Zoë is out there running for our family , for the Clubs , for a cause . You are supporting her , sending her the positive energy she needs and sharing her story with friends …together our family’s spirit of unity runs along side of her , and together we cross this great Country !

      I love you man !! Dad xoxoxox

  6. Hi Zoe, I loved meeting you today! It made my day. Believe me, it is rare that I see a fellow Spider in this area! No one at my high school had even heard of UR when I decided to apply in 1989. I wish I had gotten on your blog sooner so I could have been of more help on your run through this area, but it sounds like you enjoyed Lake Village. I think what you are doing is amazing. I will definitely be following your blog for the rest of your trip, cheering you on in spirit and will make a donation. I’ll also post a link to your blog on my facebook page so maybe some of my UR alumni friends can help out. Be safe and take care!

    1. Thankyou Caroline ! I am so excited about the Richmond Spider Community getting on board with Zoë’s Run !!

      Let’s spin a broad Spider web from Coast to Coast and show The Boys and Girls Clubs that UR is a special University with a genuine commitment to Community , Good Health and Caring .

      Go Spiders ….next year the Final Four and beyond ! Best , Rick Romano
      ( Zoë’s Dad )

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