Visit to the Club of the Mississippi Delta, Waffle House, and 3 months on the road!!

OK I just realized why everyone was emailing me about no Mississippi post. It didn’t upload for some reason. I’ve already written the post below about today and it is already super long, don’t want to overwhelm anyone so I’ll post the Mississippi entry tomorrow.






Today was an awesome day :  )  first of all, it was 3 months ago today that I took off down the Huntington Beach Pier with a giant grin on my face and feeling light as a feather. 3 months I’ve been living on the road, meeting amazing people, pushing my body to surpass all its limits, and having incredible experiences. It gives me goosebumps to think back to day one.

While I felt a bit grumpy when I awoke this morning, I was quickly transported to my happy place after a few miles of running. I’m still surprised how basic and dependable that transformation is. After about an hour or so, I put on a 70 minute track of house music, brought to my ears courtesy of Marco V. I don’t know how many people have heard Marco V, but let me just suggest you listen to 70 straight minutes of it while not in a club atmosphere, and tell me how you feel when it’s finished. It will take you places.

Around noon I was stopped on the side of the road and asked to do a radio interview over the phone – pretty neat. The Greenville/Greenwood area gets the award for being the best news-watchers, because I must have been stopped by at least 30 people the last two days who had seen the story on the news.

I arrived into Greenwood well ahead of schedule and met the CPO of the BGC of the Mississippi Delta, Jeremy Deming, and his extremely bright son Isak. They set me up with a hotel room and then we went over to visit the Club in Greenwood. The kids were fantastic and made the best faces when I told them what I was doing. There are some photos of the visit up on the “Zoe Goes Running” Facebook page.

After the club I was treated to a wonderful evening with Jeremy, Isak, and their friend Josh.  I had another top 5 meal – fried alligator ravioli. Alligator! Ravioli! A first for me :  )  Greenwood is having a festival this weekend, so after dinner we walked around, soaking in the sights and sounds. Jeremy gave me lots of insight to the town’s history – it used to be the highest cotton-producing area in the nation; and now owes much of its development and business to the founder of Viking (culinary products and schooling) who invested a lot in the town and started several companies which, I imagine, are now some of the leading employers and attractions of the town.

After dinner, we stopped at the store and Jeremy stocked me with Gatorade and fresh fruit for tomorrow.  On the way home, something extraordinary happened – I saw the yellow lights of a Waffle House! I have been waiting 3 months wondering when I will see the golden sign of my favorite late-night Richmond greasery – a sure sign that I’m making my way east. And tonight I saw it! I know it sounds odd, but the sudden appearance of familiar chain restaurants, banks, and grocery stores is one of the most welcoming and motivating signs that you can get on a trip like this. At least I feel that way. It’s a tiny, unexpected indication that you’re making progress in the right direction.

Now it’s time for bed. Thank you Jeremy, Isak, and Josh for a wonderful evening!


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

6 thoughts on “Visit to the Club of the Mississippi Delta, Waffle House, and 3 months on the road!!”

  1. Zoe,

    What an impressive young woman you are! We were so impressed with your spirit, discipline, and dedication. We hope you will come back to visit us again soon (maybe by air, bus, or train next time). Please take care of yourself and keep us informed of your progress. Sleep well.

    Jeremy & Isak

    1. Many Thanks to Jeremy and Isak …please make sure to visit us someday when in Maine . Though we don’t have alligators , let alone , alligator ravioli ! We do have clams and lobsters and I’m sure Jina can find a way to wrap them in a delicious ravioli !

      Please send us your home address so we can send you an invitation to Charleston just now 4 weeks away …we hope to have some fun celebrating there …we also will be running / biking with Zoë when she finishes her run .

      Good luck to Isak , we wish him all the best and many happy days ahead .


  2. So glad to see the post !! It’s like awakening and finding out the morning paper was not delivered or going to bed at night finding your book has disappeared !

    I was happy to see you found out about B. B. Kings roots , the Blues are such an important piece of American Music History and you are lucky enough to be right in the middle of it ! Today I’m going to pick up my blues harp and play along with B B in your honor .

    Now about those alligator raviolis …can you tell me …were they real alligator raviolis ? What did they taste like…

    What an appropriate memory to mark three months just under 2000 miles ! And how perfect it was for Jeremy and Isak to host you on this eventful milestone …Jeremy knew just what you were in need of and Mom and I are so grateful for his caring and attentive expressions of support .

    Alligators ……

    Snap On , Dad xoxo

  3. Wow, Zoe! Mississippi already! Many miles since we saw you last, but you have not been forgotten. The days are warming up, but you seem to be unaffected. So thankful for your daily progress and protection. Happy running today! Miss you & love you much, Greg & D’Anne

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