Heat and Hills, and the Original Mississippi River Crossing Post








Today was hot, humid and hilly! The thermometer hit 90 degrees for the first time on this trip. A sign of what’s to come I guess.  I headed out early to try to avoids the afternoon heat, and was going along at a good pace, set to finish in about 4 1/2 hours, but the last 5 or so miles just killed me! I couldn’t get enough Gatorade Band water in me, it seemed, and the sight of hill after hill after hill started to get a bit disheartening.  And there was no shoulder, so I have to dedicate this post to my stroller (still unnamed!) who really took a beating today and yesterday running on really rocky, uneven dirt shoulders. It held up pretty well :  )

As soon as I made my way to the Holiday Inn (night donated by Sue Stidham, thank you!) I jumped straight into the pool. Couldn’t think of a better ending to today’s run. 

I also spent some time today looking at my route etc and it looks like I will be finishing May 7th, quite a bit ahead of ‘schedule’! It may be the following weekend, May 14th (my bday by the way :  ) and my mom’s too!)  But probably the 7th. Anyway everyone is invited to the finish in Charleston, I will be sending out an email soon with more details but just wanted to get the word out.

And now here is the post I wrote when I crossed the Mississippi River a few days ago, for some reason it didn’t load, so I’m just including it here! :

Wow what a long and eventful day! I am so beat right now I feel like I could collapse!

I had a relatively easy day running, 22 miles over the Mississippi River and into Greenville, MS!!  I’ve been imagining the day I’d cross the Mississippi for so long so it was hard to believe I was actually doing it. Felt a bit eerie even. 

It sounds weird to write this, but sometimes I get in such a running zone that I hardly even notice I’m actually running. I dont notice that I’m expending any effort or energy. Today that was anything but the case, haha. In all good ways, I had many people reminding me that I was running :  )  Family and friends calling to say hi and congratulate me on reaching MS, a photographer getting some footage for the news, police checking on me, other news stations calling to see when I would be in town…it was a crazy busy day!

So I finished the run around 1, then met with two different news stations, then rushed to the Boys and Girls Club of Washington County (located here in Greenville) to visit with the kids. Had another interview there with the newspaper, then I stuck around for a while after and shot some hoops with the kids…I’m a disaster at bball.  It’s embarrassing. Then I got a nice tour of Greenville from the Director of the Club, Mrs. Rowe.  So I’d say I had a solid 12 hours packed full of activity.  All in all a good first day in Mississippi.

Now it is time to eat and sleep!! Goodnight all and thank you for all the wonderful comments…It’s hard sometimes to reply to each of them but I just wanted to say that the first thing I do every morning is check to read any comments because it gets me out of bed and so ready to hit the road running. They are always so kind-hearted and motivating. So thank you everyone for all the encouragement!! 


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

3 thoughts on “Heat and Hills, and the Original Mississippi River Crossing Post”

  1. Hey Z. It’s funny because I have gotten into such a habit of reading your post first thing in the morning and I usually check to make sure there is one while I’m still half asleep in bed. There’s more than enough motivation and inspiration to go around in this story. Also, thanks for keeping us all up date on your adventure. I think we have gotten the chance to talk more than in all our different journeys around the world. Love ya. Feliz footing!

  2. Hey Zo,
    A few things, first I think we should name the stroller Donut.

    Or Doughnut. Its really up to you.

    Also what does Sadie mean my Feliz footing… Is that like feliz navidad or some poor spelling of fab’s name?
    For the end of my post, I’m just gonna say happy running and no sunburns!

  3. Hey Zoe, can ‘t imagine doing 22 in the hot humid mid day sun. You are doing great! We’re all very proud of you and rooting for you tremendously.

    Stay the line,

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