Starkville, MS


It’s amazing to see how different each day still can be on this trip. I hit the ground running this morning and had this weird feeling, not believing that the road I was on was the same one as yesterday. The strides came easier, the clouds provided some shade and I ran without noticing time or distance. That’s when it’s the best. Like my Uncle Mike said, I think I’m going to chalk up yesterday to dehydration and hunger. It’s pretty interesting to see how my brain fizzles when I really need some fuel- you truly stop thinking clearly. A few days ago I went into a Subway after 30 miles, way hungry, and I kept stuttering and calling the onions peppers, asking for mayonnaise when I meant mustard, deciding no for the combo meal and then going next door to a gas station for a drink and chips, exactly what comes in a combo meal at Subway. Like being half-asleep or something.

Anyway, today was much much better than yesterday. There were storm clouds around me all day and they had forecasted a severe t-storm for Eupora, but I had sun and clouds all day. Then, literally just seconds after I finished, it started downpouring. Perfect timing :  )

Now I am beat and I’m sorry for a somewhat unexciting blog post tonight but I’m already half asleep. Thank you to Ricky for hosting me tonight :  )  goodnight!


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

11 thoughts on “Starkville, MS”

  1. Hey Z. Sorry for the lack of blog comment love. I’ll be back at it first thing Friday morn but moving out and taking off takes a bit of work. Till then run strong and smiles xooxooxoxxx

  2. Hey Z glad to hear that yesterday was better day …your courage and endurance are flawless and they define your character . I am reading a book about Cave Explorers and even with all the preparations , gear and careful planning , they still have bad days …yet they go on …as you do !

    Personal Successes can be measured by an ability to overcome set backs and return to the challenge realizing the set back was a victory ! It’s just how you look at things and from what I see …your vision is 20 / 20 !

    Look On , Dad xoxoxo

  3. Hi Z!

    This one made me laugh out loud. Love the combo meal from the combo of vendors!

    Glad yesterday went so well.

    Run on.

    Big love – UM

  4. Hi, we saw you as you were getting close to Columbus this afternoon and I remembered that I had received an email from the running club in Starkville the other day that you would be coming through.

    I called, and will call again tomorrow so maybe we can run with you a bit on Thursday morning if it fits together.

    Today was a beautiful day for running.

    Chris Howard
    Columbus, MS
    662 244-7159

  5. Great job Zoe, I’ve been following your progress here. I just started running about a year ago (when I could only run 1 minute before I had to walk) and have progressed from my first 5K to my first trail 50K. My dream is to one day run across the U.S. as well. You have inspired me. Best of luck on the rest of your trip. Take care and thanks for all your posts. You are a special human being.

    1. Hi Patrick …are you from Maine ? I once knew a very special person by the name of Mike McKenna , married to Sharon .

      Thanks for your kind words written to my special daughter Zoë !

      Best , Rick Romano

      1. No sir, ashamed to say I’ve never even been to Maine (but it sounds/looks like a beautiful place to be from). My family is from Chicago. Thanks for the note, I hope you are able to track Mike down some day. Take care and stay in touch. When I get serious about my run I’ll have to put together a list of questions for your daughter.

  6. Hey patrick …visit Maine and we’ll treat you to some ” wicked good Lobsta”…better yet , run to Maine and we’ll put you up for the night and you can enjoy Zoë’s Mom’s Homemade Pizza ! Best Pizza East and West of the Mississippi !

    Run Happy , Rick

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