Blue Skies

When I was a kid, I used to love summer mornings more than anything in the world. I can remember slowly cracking my eyes open in the morning and peeking out the windows to gauge the day. On my bedroom wall, I had created my own version of a modern sun-dial- I had marked off a couple notches along the border of an N’sync poster, and I could tell what time it was based on where the sun started to hit the poster. My twin-sized bed was situated underneath two skylights and across from two windows facing west. It was a game I played every morning- if I couldn’t see a sliver of cloud in any of those 4 windows, I immediately deemed the day a perfect, flawless summer day. I think we all had a version of that.

Today was that day. A perfect, flawlessly sunny day. Birds singing, a gentle breeze blowing, and even the smell of freshly-cut grass. I don’t knows if it gets any better than that.

And today was a rest day, a day where I sometimes go crazy with restlessness. But today I needed the rest, I needed to be lazy. I sat outside in the perfect sunshine for a while, enjoying the simple sensation of just sitting. I remembered the luxurious feeling of being at the beach in Maine with nothing but a good book and plenty of time. Here in Mississippi I may be miles from the ocean, but I enjoyed the same luxury as I passed a few hours just reading my book outside. (Side note: I’m reading a book called A Story Like the Wind, and it is so so good, if anyone is in need of a good read).

So now here I am, well-rested, caught up on reading, journaling, and being a couch-potato. Tomorrow I will cross into Alabama and am looking forward to having a partner, Chris Howard, to run some miles with me : )  No photos to share tonight, but just imagine your own version of the most perfect blue sky, and you’ll see where I am.


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

10 thoughts on “Blue Skies”

  1. What a wonderful habit we are in reading your posts every day, Zoe. You will definitely have to keep writing even after you finish running. Can’t believe you will be in Alabama! Amazing! We become more in awe every day. Happy running tomorrow! Praying for you already. Love you much, Greg & D’Anne

  2. Your skill with words continue to enthrall even the most avid reader. Today while reading yet another captivating post my mind slipped back to the day you spoke of writing a cook book. I have never once entertained the notion of sitting down on my deck with a cup of coffee and a cook book. I now can see that happening. You write it and I will certainly read it.
    Keep smiling!
    Mike Bell

  3. Dear big sister and the person I share my room with,
    This seems like an appropriate post to leave my (pretty much) first comment. Your description of waking up and gauging a perfect summer day gave me shivers down my back. Apparently we seem to do the same thing, there is something so invigorating about looking straight up out the skylight windows into an uninterrupted blue sky, breathing in the clean air, and feeling the warmth of the sun dancing at the foot of our beds- knowing a flawless beach day awaits. During spring break I was home snuggling in my bed under my skylight and you were running across Texas. After waking up from a nap I looked up and starred out at my familiar patch of sky but then I looked at your empty bed and your skylight and I began to imagine the sky you were seeing that day- the sky that was above your skylight. Even though it seems weird I think those two skylights have an affect on me and you that runs deep and connects us beyond everything else. We can associate almost every emotion, feeling, and attitude we have with a certain way the sky looks out of our skylights on any given day.
    I hope the sky above your skylight tomorrow brings you great happiness, and I know that doesn’t necessarily mean a blue one.
    Your little sister, the person you share your room with, My name is Rosa.

  4. We left fuerte yesterday on a day just like that what do u think, better to leave on a perfect day or a not so perfect one? I’ll be in your time zone by tonight! Can’t wait to see you soon. Tun strong. Xoxooxoxxx

  5. ” Blue sky , you’re my sunny day today …

    Lord you know , it makes me high when you turn your love my way !! ”

    Dear Zoë , glad to hear you had a good restful day …congrats on crossing Mississippi and safe travels into Alabama and beyond .

    You remain our hero … inspired and transfixed , today with blue skies above and the green of Spring below , we run on with you .

    Breeze On , Dad xoxox

  6. Just got back home from running with Zoe. I had a great time. I hope she didn’t have to slow down much for me. We made it through Columbus with only a couple of blocks of mis-direction. I was aiming to get us through a neighborhood with a few antebellum houses, but I missed the turn. (Don’t tell the chamber of commerce.) Finally parted company at the last exit before the Alabama state line around 10:45 and 10 miles into the day. The weather is nice, sunny and 68 degrees. A bit of breeze. A beautiful day for running.

    Some of the passing cars and people on porches had obviously seen a local TV station report because they knew who she was and honked or waved and some had a word of encouragement too.

    1. Thanks Chris ….nice update , love the honking horns !!

      Beep , Beep , run , run All the best , Rick Romano

  7. Sparky I just can’t wait to share one of those perfect summer days we’ll have watermelon,popsicles & Libs all at the same time. Safe travels & God bless you oxox mom

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