Over the hills and through the woods- I think I’ve already used that title. Hmm.







Today was a great run, a hard run. 33 miles, hot, and windy. Another one of those days where I think about South Carolina and I don’t want this to end, I want this feeling to stay with me forever. In some way I get sick to my stomach on days like this when I think about it ending soon. Like having butterflies in my belly.

Today’s run started off kinda hard- I was moving pretty slowly for the first 5 miles, but I stopped for a hot coffee and granola bar, and then the sun came out, and after that my energy went way up. I would say it’s just as much due to the sun coming out as it is to getting some caffeine and food in me. So after that I plowed through the run pretty well, even despite the hills and heat. Boy did I sweat today! I even had enough push in me at the end to finish at as close to a sprint as I can get while pushing a baby stroller.

Before I started that last push, I crossed over a wide river and to my left was a beautiful old train bridge- in case I haven’t said it enough: Alabama is BEAUTIFUL.  And before that, around mile 20, I was stopped and asked the usual questions by a concerned and confused policeman. After explaining what I was doing, he shadowed me for the next ten miles, until he saw me cross the bridge into Childersburg. Amazing how many people want to look out for me!

Before stopping for the day, I ran into a gas station because I was craving a dill pickle. Yeah, I love pickles. A guy there asked what I was doing and then asked if I needed a place to stay or a ride to my end destination, or any other help. Before he said goodbye he asked if he could say a prayer for me. That’s happened quite a few times actually. Again, just amazing how many people are looking out for me on this trip.

Upon finishing I was met by a journalist and a news reporter for the local news. I also found out mid-run that my host Hannah had contacted Fox News in Birmingham and they had run a story, which was pretty cool to find out because I hadn’t even talked to them. Here is a link to the article, thank you Melynda Sides, it is a great article!  And Hannah, you are awesome, thank you! I think you and Jade need to come visit Maine after all you’ve done for me. And I will feed you tofu ;  )

Speaking of food, tonight I ate at a little BBQ place next door and the guy there brought me out some Dirt Pie as an “appetizer” and then sent me home with a ton of extra food. My belly is beyond full right now. Here is a question for you Southerners- he gave me some fried nugget thing with corn and something else inside. What are those?

Anyway, now I am about to pass out for the night.  A HUGE thank you to Pete, the Chamber of Commerce President here in Childersburg, for setting me up with a complimentary night at Day’s Inn! I think I will sleep like a rock tonight :  )


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

4 thoughts on “Over the hills and through the woods- I think I’ve already used that title. Hmm.”

  1. Zoe, you were a lucky girl to get some Corn Nuggets! Glad you are having such a good run. The Ladies of Runaway Bay are praying for you and we share your news with every post.

  2. Corn Fritters! One of Haley’s favorites! If you come to the beach, The Shrimp Basket has some of the best!! If you need us, we are just a holler away. As long as you stay in the South, we will be there for ya! LOL

  3. Hey Z!

    This is a BEAUTIFUL post. What a day: good run, a full belly, a guardian police angle and a prayer! What more can anyone want!

    Big live – UM

  4. Well I have heard of these fried nugget things with itty bitty corn crumbs on the outside …what I have heard is that quite some time ago , long before you were born , these tasty nuggets became a popular type of bait for the townsmen who found fishing a perfect pastime for hot summer Alabama Sundays …yes , hard as it may be to believe this , the nuggets became very popular with the catfish as well !

    Now what makes this story most interesting is how it all began …

    Seems on a very hot and sticky Sunday , the kind a day when the menfolk rolled their sleeves and loosened their ties at Sunday Services and the womenfolk fanned themselves quietly …a young boy nicknamed Nuggs skipped out on those holy services and found his way down to the green banks of the Coosa River .

    It was there that Nuggs rolled up a ball of sticky creamed corn left over from last nights home cooked dinner due to the fact that any worms and crawlers were not about on that day of rest .

    The air had a different feel on that day and Nuggs was feelin different too …there was not a movement about , the tree limbs drooped lazily nearly touching the muddied river and the ever active waters slowed to nearly still . Feelin a bit skittish , Nuggs cast his line into the river looking over his shoulders wonderin nervously what was goin on .

    Suddenly his line and fishing rod jerked like it had never done before …soon Nuggs found himself in a frenzied battle with a fish unlike any other fish ever known to be caught in the Coosa River , a shallow and warm finger to the great Mississippi .

    The beast , as now Nuggs could only feel was at the end of his line , dragged him up and down the rivers edge , an hour passed before Nuggs was able to reel that giant in …through the water just below his tired feet , Nuggs witnessed a catfish so big , so black and so strong , he had to tie the line to the nearest tree and run for help .

    Just in time to find some Alabama strongmen leaving church , he told his story and found over a dozen men , numerous children and several eager women ready to follow him back to the river .

    In disbelief the Catfish Posse stood …not one man , woman or child had ever seen such a sight . They spent the rest of tat sunny southern morning bringing in the beast , there wasn’t a muscle spared .

    Soon word spread through Childersburg , the banks became lined with all the townsfolk and Sheriff Toms weighed it in at 200 pounds !!

    When asked how he did it ….Nuggs slowly recounted his adventure realizin he had used a homemade bait and not the usual worms and crawlers them river fish had grown so used to . His creamed corn ball of bait was the best reason givin on that memorable Childersburg Alabama Sunday …

    And from that day forward , every Sunday in Childersburg you can smell the fine and tasty aroma of ” Catfish & Corn Nugg-ets “

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