Lightning is frightening

Special post from the road: Coming up and over Fulton Gap ten minutes ago, lightning struck the powerlines THREE poles ahead of me. I’ve never sprinted so hard in my life, made it across the highway a quarter mile down to a Shell Station, thank goodness.


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

10 thoughts on “Lightning is frightening”

  1. Well Zoe the very 1st thing Ira said to me this morning was that you were going to run into some big T storms today. Stay safe & please stay in touch. Big love oxoxo mom

  2. Here in VT monday it snowed, tuesday it was sunny and 60, and today was thunder and lightning all day. So far this trip most of your posts are so foreign warming. All winter I looked forward to reading about your ventures through the Texas sun as I went out to start my car when it was -18 degrees. Gas station Hot chocolate sounds good. My good friend from Chile puts a shot of cream in hers to make it extra good. Keep running Zoe!

  3. Zoe, so glad you are well. We have had one eventful week. On Sunday afternoon we were evacuated from our home due to the wildfires and were allowed to return today, Wednesday. Thanks to many wonderful firefighters and friends, who fought really hard, AND a special blackhawk helicopter pilot, (all sent from Heaven) our home was saved!!! To top it all off, it is raining! We are counting our blessings tonight. Oh, yes. We took your picture along with us when we had to evacuate. Miss you and love you much, Greg & D’Anne

  4. great work a young person taking time out of her life for a cause.
    i have been following you since denton texas.
    gods speed to the finish

  5. Hey Zoe! It is amazing how much adrenaline a lightning bolt can generate-glad you are keeping an eye to the skies. Trust your instincts, with all of it. Those of us who follow your run as you follow your heart wish you interesting experiences – just not THAT interesting! Be Safe, be Happy,be fullfilled.
    When you do run into the ocean – tired & envigorated, sad “it” is over & relieved, crying & laughing, feeling so many different emotions so intensely all at the same time – you’ll also know that you are still very early days in the Big Adventure, and you just haven’t dreamed up all of the chapters yet.
    Much Love to a wonderful girl who has turned into a wonderful young woman, Nancy

    1. Hey Nancy …you have that right ….life is long and the chapters continue to be written .

      Thanks for your sweet and kind words , as always : )

      Best to John …want to join us in Charleston for the finish line ?!!


  6. Reminds me of last summer when you had grab my hand (big sister instincts kicking in) and pull me to run faster towards home because we got caught in the beginning of one of the worst storms of the summer!

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