Down in Georgia where the peaches grow





Why was yesterday so wonderful and smiley and today was so hard and humid and buggy and hilly?!  Really though, it is crazy how much your mood and energy can change from one day to the next. For today, all I can say is that I started the day under an overcast sky despite the forecast calling for unbroken blue skies, and I got 3 miles out of town before I realized that I left my sunglasses back at the grocery store.  I couldn’t leave them behind, so I headed back to collect them, turning my 32 miler into a 38 miler. And that pretty much set the tone for the whole day.

I blame my lack of spark on the fact that yesterday I was so excited about my day and had so much adrenalin left over from my wonderful run, that I could not fall asleep until 2:45 am. 4 hours later my alarm went off and I hit snooze 18 times, for a grand total of 90 minutes of ‘extra’ sleep, interrupted every 5 minutes by my alarm.

In any case, I ended up cutting my run about 11 miles short. One of my runs next week was going to be only 17 miles so I figured I could cut myself a little slack here. I’m finally relaxing now and am wishing for an ice bath – my whole lower half feels swollen. Some days are like that I guess. Thanks to my 2nd mom Cheryl, I am being treated like a queen at the Hilton Inn in Peachtree City :  )  I am taking full advantage of their ice machine :  )  and Christina, if you are reading this, thank you so much for your help and kindness…and the welcome box of candy! I am considering it my Easter basket, just so you know :  )

And by the way, will I be seeing my second and third Moms at the finish line?

Tomorrow I will be taking a much-needed rest day, and I think I might’ve earned this one after all those hills.  After that it’s on to Atlanta for a visit with the Boys and Girls Club of America, and a local club. And then Eastward!!

Happy Easter everyone! My first one without an egg hunt :  /

PS – photos – thank you to Myra and her fluffball Dusty for hosting me last night :  )  and that last photo, I was trying to figure out what exactly they were advertising…?


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

7 thoughts on “Down in Georgia where the peaches grow”

  1. something very interesting about your photos, which i’m sure you have already noticed: when you were in the west it seemed like all of the photos you took were shot with a yellow or a blue filter but now it is incredible how green filtered everything looks. wow amazing. i am hoping some of that green makes its way up here sooner than later so i can finally see this spring that i came home to see! can’t wait to see you! mum and i were also wondering about maggie and cheryl coming south…love you

  2. ahhh again mum gets comment credit. gotta write from my computer next time so everyone can see what an amazingly involved sister i am 😉

  3. Happy hoppy Easter Sparky. Thank goodness you’re taking a rest. Hope you feel my big bunny hugs & kisses. Actually wore the sky blue jacket you mailed home to church this morning in your honor of course oxox mom ps don’t worry it was clean as a whistle & I’m saving the $5 bill you left in the pocket. The jelly packets got trashed along with the candy wrappers!!

  4. Zoe, It is so great to be able to read your post every day and to follow your progress. When do you anticipate arriving in Charleston? Good luck with the rest of the trip. It is going to be a great story and a great book!
    Happy Easter!

  5. While most people spent their week shopping for easter treats such as peeps , cadbury eggs , chocolates and Easter bunnies …all for a Sunday morning egg hunt ; we began our hunt ealier …a different kind of hunt …

    While Zoë was out running the Alabama and Georgia countrysides …Jina and I began searching lodging possibilities for her …as we have grown accustomed to doing , we googled for B & Bs , safe hotels or other lodges and inns . We quickly realized that the upcoming week leading to Easter was very tough and there were few places to stay , in fact were none !

    When this occurs as it has on a couple of other occasions , we turn to plan B and begin calling Churches , Boys and Girls Clubs , City Halls and Sheriffs…this week as we did so , We thought of it as our own Easter day Hunt !

    Jina and I are most happy and thankful to say …our hunt has made for a very happy Easter and one we will certainly be giving many thanks for …we would like everyone to know , that out there on the road with Zoë and in every town along her journey , there are sweet , kind and loving people …they have extended to Zoë and to Jina and I as well , their open arms , homes , churches , neighborhoods , kitchens , bedrooms , pets , children and more …

    Thank you all …our Easter Day hunt is full of ” good eggs ” !!

    Big Daddy and Little Mama ( Rick and Jina )

  6. Zoe, heard about your “run” from my older sister, Myra. She was so excited to tell me about you spending the night with her. I don’t know if she told you, but her husband went to heaven one year ago on the 22nd of April. You have given her a great experience and wonderful memory. Take care of yourself on the road. I will add your name to my prayers for safety and blessing. I just think it is so wonderful when God puts a blessing in your path.

    1. Dear Eva ,

      Thank you for the nice note to Zoë …it’s not one day that goes by that I don’t consider how blessed I am to have four very special children .

      As well , how blessed I am to have so many kind and caring people looking after Zoë along her journey .

      I believe it was Myra’s Husband that brought Zoë and Myra together on their day of need …for his loving act , thank you …and to Myra , Jina and I will keep you in our prayers .

      All the best , Rick Romano

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