Lost in the woods








Today I had a couple routes to choose from. I sat down at the crossroads and had a good long think about it. Ignoring my strong gut feeling to just stay on the main highway, I took off down the backroads into no-man’s-land. Ten miles later, my road dead-ended, with no road where there should have been one. Talk about a sudden collapse of confidence. Not that I’ve overcome every challenge known to man, but to me this situation felt like something that I would’ve expected in the first weeks of this trip. But one week from the finish? I felt like I was right back at day one.

So I sat down, drank some Gatorade slushee, and decided that while maybe the decision to ignore my instinct had been a stupid and novice one, I could still deal with this in a better way than I would’ve during week one. I triple-checked my maps, flagged down the only two cars in a 20 minute time period, to no avail. So I walked a bit and found a BBQ in full swing and asked for some help. They laughed and told me I was way out of the way and that it happens to people all the time on their road. One of them offered to give me a ride back to the crossroads and I took him up on it. Somehow I feel a little like it’s cheating, but since I still covered all the ground, and even an additional ten miles of wrong ground, I think it’s okay.  So I ended the day about 5 miles behind where I wanted to, but c’est la vie.

I stayed tonight with a great family who had a big BBQ going on, with all their friends and a million kids running around. Their house is awesome, totally rigged for fun times – giant grills inside a screened-in porch, open kitchen, popcorn machine, stereo and speakers wired throughout, karaoke, and a loft upstairs with three beds for guests. It is pretty sweet : ) 

Tomorrow I’m heading to the metro-Augusta region. Can’t believe I’m in my last week of this incredible adventure…what do I do next?!

A big thank-you to Chuck and Shirley for hosting me last night and cooking a delicious meal that reminds me of my Mom’s chicken cacciatore :  )  I am wearing the t-shirt!


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

3 thoughts on “Lost in the woods”

  1. Hey there Zorest Gump…just a quick heads up…when I am working at my shop on the woodworking tools , I always make myself aware that I have been working on this tool for hours , passed several pieces of wood thru its infeed and outfeed tables and I am now getting close to the last piece .

    I stop for a moment and remind myself of this because it is easy when doing repetitive work to lose focus toward the end …raising my awareness and reminding myself to stay focused and get thru the task at hand helps me remain safe , with all my fingers and ready to move onto the next machine

    In a similar way Sparky …stay focused to the end , elevate your senses and make yourself fully aware that you have yet to complete your run . This safety check will keep you en route to Charleston with all you toes and feet ready for the next journey .

    Because I love you , Always Dad xoxox

  2. Zoe, we were very happy to see you post this morning and realize that you were safely in Thomson. I was concerned about you on those little roads. Sorry you got lost. The back roads of GA are not very well marked sometimes. We enjoyed having you visit for a few hours. Good luck with the remainder of your run.

    1. Thank you Sherley …Zoë loved her stay and called us to tell us she was in Heaven !

      Be safe and God bless , Rick and Jina

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