Somewhere I feel free

When you’re a kid, you go through a time when a good chunk of your world revolves totally around feeling loved by your parents. I don’t know the age when it starts and I’m not sure it ever really ends. You seek out their approval and vie for their attention.  One feeling I remember so poignantly is coming home from school, seeing my parents’ tired, adult faces, and wanting so badly to have something wonderful or interesting to tell them that might make them smile at me.

Growing up with 3 siblings, I was always sharing my Mom and Dad. I love my sisters and brother, but my, how special it was to go on an outing with just me and my Mom, or me and my Dad! To have your parents all to yourself, that was a remarkably privileged feeling.  As we all grew up, I think my parents took care to develop different rituals or special outings with each of us. I remember Monday afternoon nature walks around Wolfe’s Neck with my Mom, falling asleep on the rocks in the sun. Or a special morning out for pancakes or bagels. One thing my Dad and I have always shared is a love of music. And though I’m quite sure my whole family loves music, my Dad and I always go to Bullmoose Music, a local record store, to pick out CDs together. 

Before I left, I had two wonderful days with my parents – My mom and I went downtown to Marcy’s for a late breakfast, and then she helped me run last minute errands downtown – hurriedly buying more bubble wrap to package my stroller for shipping. The day before, my Dad and I had gone downtown to Rufus Deering, where I had the honor of receiving a gracious donation for this run. On the way there, my Dad played a song for me. This song has kept me company throughout this run, on the hard days and the wonderful ones. It came on today and all I could think was that this adventure has turned out to be everything the song wishes for its listener.  So I’m posting the lyrics here, with one tiny modification, if anyone can spot it. I hope everyone gets a chance to listen to the song.

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a boat out at sea
Sail away, kill off the hours
You belong somewhere you feel free

Ride away, find you a lover
Go away somewhere all bright and new
I have seen no other, who compares with you

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a boat out at sea
You belong with your love on your arm
You belong somewhere you feel free

Run away, go find a lover
Run away, let your heart be your guide
You deserve the deepest of cover
You belong in that warm black night

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong somewhere close to me
Far away from your trouble and worry
You belong somewhere you feel free.

115 days on the road, and I think I’ve found somewhere I feel free.

PS I reached South Carolina today.


Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

9 thoughts on “Somewhere I feel free”

  1. Ah Z …touched me again !

    I knew when I played that song for you , you would find a connection to it !

    Now you’ve found the wildflowers , you’ve found your boat out to sea , you’ve been many places bright and new …and yes , now you’ve found free !

    Now run home and for a while , cause for a while you belong close to me !!

    Big Love , Always ….Dad xoxox

  2. Hey Zo. Love ya but don’t know the title or artist of the song…. Wanna let me in on the joke?
    I’m amazingly proud of you!
    I think we should compile a best of Zoe Goes Running CD and sell it to complete your fund-raising goal!! Did u keep your old sneakers for Ebay? I know I want some on my Mantle! Hehe ok I want a fireplace too! Miss you!
    Xo Em

    1. Hey Em…Think of the song ” Free Fallin'” and you’ll have the Artist !

      Listen On , Rick ( AKA : Big Daddy , The Jog Blog Dog )

  3. z money
    some days i can’t tell if i am more proud or more envious of you on this adventure but it doesn’t matter, i love you.
    checked the weather for the weekend, nice to be in the same 10-day again.
    oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxx sade

  4. Hey Z!
    That is a beautiful tribute to your great parents. I can feel the love. What a wonderful so, so wonderful that I’ve got it playing right now at my desk. Could it be something about the color of the night?!! I’ve got my own favorite TP song that I go back to often.

    Like Sadie: I don’t know if I’m sure if I’m more proud or nore envious of you. I’m both – in a big way!

    Have a great run today.

    Big Love – UM

    1. Mike I too think it’s the color of the night …come on all you bloggers …let’s hear your guesses !

      Cause I won’t back down !! Rick

  5. I work on Davis Farm Road in Portland, ME. A coworker told me about your run and I’ve been following it since. As I drove to work today, past a big sign on a front yard that says “Zoe Goes Running” It made me think of your run and what a thrilling and proud and bittersweet time this must be as you near the end.
    Good luck, have fun, carpe diem and FINISH STRONG!!!!
    -Jack May, Freeport, ME

  6. Amazing! You can feel the harmony and happyness in that article and also a little bit of sadness … that this adventure will be over soon. But the next one is waiting. Everywhere and everytime.

    I had goosbumps when I read that article! And I remember when you played that song to me. Rick, you picked just the perfect song for her! =)

  7. Dearest Sparky Keep singing those tunes & keep running east. I can’t wait to have all my kiddos so close that we’re all talking at once & making a racket together. We’ll even bring out the instruments & dance on the table. No need for singing lessons!! Be safe & God go with you. Rosie , that goes for you too! love love love oxox mom ps I think Em’s idea is perfect.

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