Gíte du Laurier – a beautiful chambre d’hôte in Moulins-sur-Cephons

So while I was running today I passed by a green sign indicating a site for guest rooms down a small dirt road.  The road led to a small building that looked like a mix of farm and ranch.  I was nearly at the end of my run for the day and had one of those moments where I thought those guest rooms and I were destined to meet.  I had passed by a bunch others but I thought about these ones all the way to the finish in the next town, where Alex told me there was no hotel to be found, nor in the next town.

We are kind of in the middle of nowhere and I’ve been running through endless wheat fields so I wasn’t surprised to hear the next town was a tiny village with no hotel.  So I suggested to Alex he drive back to the sign I had seen and check there.

After trying to explain to the owner in horrible French what we are doing in France and how we are fundraising and asking if maybe he could support us with a discounted night in one of his rooms, he told us it was impossible. 

Disappointed, Alex and I ran through other options and finally decided to just stay at the guest house anyway.  When we returned, the owner met us in the yard and right away offered us a discount AND the best room in the place !!  Turns out he had found an article online in French on the French news site Courant Positif and had finally been able to understand what we are doing!  Thank you Nicolas from Courant Positif for writing the article! And for all your other help along the way – even in this case when you didn’t know you were helping 🙂 

Bertrand, the owner, got right on the phone and called the local newspaper and they will be here in the morning for an interview! So cool.  I just knew I had a good feeling about this place when I first ran by it. 

So Alex just made a spaghetti feast which was a real treat as we’ve been eating bread and cheese every night this week.  Bertrand also popped in to give us some of the local speciality – a mild goat cheese in the shape of a pyramid – for us to have with dinner.  Delicious!

A great ending to a great day, much better than yesterday.  I logged 33 miles, a few serious hills, and ran through more castles.





Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

5 thoughts on “Gíte du Laurier – a beautiful chambre d’hôte in Moulins-sur-Cephons”

  1. Zoe, you are an inspiration! I am in awe of you and look forward to your posts here as well as on Facebook. We are so grateful for what you are doing for WPP.

  2. Hi Zoe, I hope you and Alex are having the time of your lives! What a wonderful post this is — and I’m confident that as the word continues to spread about your goals, there will be even more generous souls out there who want to help! Our landing page will go live soon … when it does, you’ll see a surge in team members too! Keep the faith!

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