Ahh again no good internet connection!  And I have so much to write about the last 4 days!  In a very crazy quick recap:

Sunday: some might call the area I ran thru La Drome, or even Drome Provencal, but I’m calling it paradise.  Fields of lavender broken up by row upon row of grapes and set aside by the best smelling yellow wildflowers I’ve ever smelled.  Besides lavender and wine, this area is home to famous black olives from Nyons, cherries, and apricots, and I am pretty sure there’s not much else you need in life. 
We stayed with Alex and Jordane and their adorable daughter Lily in the cutest village ever, ate vegetable gratin, salad from their garden, homemade bread and famous creamy cod spread, and topped it off with local cheeses and an apricot cake that we are both still dreaming about. 

Monday: Mont Ventoux.  21 km climb at average 7.5% grade, no runner in their right mind should ever willingly run up this mountain on top of a mountain.  Just below the summit, there were three guys skateboarding and using longboards like luges, flying blind around corners in aerodynamic wingsuits.  Proof that no matter how crazy you think you might be, there will always be someone far crazier.  And Mom, if you’re reading, proof that there will always be another Mom out there who is more worried (or should be!) about her kids than you are.  The view from the top was stunning and that’s the only way I can explain it.  We may have made a video at the summit which may be uploaded this weekend 🙂 

Tuesday: From the Tour de France website: “Never will a rest day have been as well deserved as after  Ventoux.”. Yes, race organizers, I agree.  However, it didn’t work that way for me, and I logged 33 miles, found THIRTY euro on the side of the road, and Alex made me an awesome t shirt and a stencil to spray paint on the more famous Tour roads 🙂   This also happens to get my vote for potentially most beautiful run of the trip so far.  I love La Drome.

Today: I didn’t know it actually existed, but I think I ran through Fern Gully today.  Magnificent gorges cut through massive rock and the clearest river I’ve ever seen, running through it all. 

Tomorrow: onwards towards Gap!






Author: zoegoesrunning

Hello! I'm a runner, a writer, and have run across the United States and the Tour de France course. Most recently, I'm blogging about my adventures in an MFA program that will bring me to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and my teaching plans for Argentina.

8 thoughts on “Recap”

  1. Hey! If you wanna try other specialties from around here, tomorrow evening, we do the neighboors’ party! You are welcome to participate!

    And if you wish to stop again when going south to Corsica, you are very welcome as well!

    1. Ahh!! Don’t tempt us! And we just may take you up on that offer to stop by en route south – we are going to look at the map and see what it looks like! We really enjoyed it : )

      1. And if you come and don’t run that day, you could arrive earlier in the day (I don’t work on afternoons except on Thursdays) and I may show you some places around, the village…

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