About this very blog.

In college I fell in love with the challenge and discovery of running, and in 2011 I ran solo across the US, becoming the first female to do so unsupported. In 2013, I ran the route of the Tour de France, a feat which had never been done before, by a man or woman.

This blog previously served as a place to track those running adventures and their accompanying fundraising efforts; it’s now transitioning into a platform where I can also share new fiction, social reflections, and track my next “endurance” adventure: an MFA in creative writing in the US and South America.

Currently, I’m enrolled in Queens University’s Latin American program as a Rotary Global Scholar. Queens’ low-residency format will bring me to Santiago, Chile; Buenos Aires, and Rio de Janeiro each summer from 2016-18. Rotary’s Global Scholarship will allow me to spend two semesters volunteer teaching in Argentina and/or Chile, adventures which I’ll share here. A special shout-out and THANK YOU to my host in the US, the Rotary Club of South Richmond, and District 7600, and abroad, the Rotary Club La Lucila in Buenos Aires. I cannot wait for my first volunteer semester to begin in Buenos Aires in February 2017.

One aspect of blogging that I don’t always like is that posts can often be, by necessity, compact, contained, and definitive. My goal here is to ponder and amplify, not simplify. If you feel compelled, please, talk back, write back, blog back.



3 thoughts on “About this very blog.”

  1. Just reading about your challenge to run the route of le tour what an amazing challenge and what a fantastic sucess that WILL be on the 100th edition of the tour

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