Many Thanks To…

A HUGE thank you to the following people for their support and generous donations:

Barry Morgan and CBC Advertising
Marybeth Baker
Sadie skiuut Romano
Howard and Karen Levine
Gabe Romano
Amorosa Romano
Uncle Al Summers
Rick and Jina Romano and Papi and Romano Builders Inc
Carla Manganello
Ed Manganello and Olympia Sports
Patty Shaw Castilian
Uncle Mike Romano
Uncle Miguel Guzman
Gabrielle Pedraja Photography
Pierre Boisson
Mike Davies and Allspeed Cyclery and Snow
Charlotte Royer and film crew
Jeffrey Hains
Nadia Nowzadi
Bob Morin and Holiday Signs
Terri Hague and the Holman Middle School PTA
Deb, Kohl and Preston DiBiase Fiarri
Tim and Karen Fisher
Laura and Vinay Kanitkar
Lucretia Bagley
Fred and Nancy Romano
Mike Bell and M.L. Bell Construction
Greg and Pat Gelinas
Wayne and Robyn Trombley
Kathy and Peter Stead
Jim Tvorak and Maggie Boothby
Aunt Anne Romano and Uncle David Robinson
Mary Anne Papi
Brian Rollins and Mary Ellen Milner
Grammy Anna Romano
James and Janice Robinson
The Hutchison Family
Cyndi, Joe, Addy and Emily Whalen
Shannon and Alex Wong
Joe Delaney and Anne Callender
Steve Donavan and Deb Donovan
Kenny and Julie Booth
Scott Benson
Pam and Mike Murphy
Rosalie Aube
The Anderson Family – Dan, Julie, Lucia, Sophia and Roman
Maggie and Alan Meyer
Theo and Jane Smith
Uncle Jim and Aunt Francie DiBiase
Dotty Aube
Cheryl Gagnon and Beau Beaulieu
Donna Summers
Caroline Teshke
The Papi Family – Jim, Bernadette, Olivia, and Amelia
Cousin Jamee
Ira and Jo Anne Black
Martha Burke
Jeff Kimball and Tim Jarvis
Bill and Ursula Slavick
The Maloney Family and Coastal Insurance Group
Maggie Fournier and Cheryl Ciechomski, Emily and Bob
Anne Schweitzer
Uncle Frank and Aunt Rachel DiBiase
Aunt Mary and Uncle Caesar Papi
The Papi Family – Aunt Grace, Uncle Buggy, Mike and Joey
Tom and Darice Henritze
David Scott and Dean Buhler
Rob and Korinn Malkin
Tim Habib and Rachel Hutson
Lynda Larson
David and Sue Palmer
Kit Karbler and Dmitri Rudenko
Alex and Nona Feuer
Chris Castilian and Patty Shaw-Castilian
Art Fisher and Fisher Building
Gordon and Maureen Phair
Rocco and Marie Scotella and Phantom of Wheat Ridge
Kimberly Fox
Brad Lewis and Susan Young
Tim Neyman and Sarita Harbert
Mike Wenk and Darrell Watson
John and Maria Eiseman
Rick and Cissy Olderman
Michael David and Kate McGuinness and McGuinness Studio
Phil and Julie and 4Corner Int’l Consulting Group
Frank and Barbara Kelley
Bob and Vicky Day
Don and Patty Cook
Howard Branz and Carol Navsky
Pat and Neils Sorenson and Sorenson’s Hardware
Rick Renner
Fred and Avis Miller
Michael and Claire Hammen
Mark and Linda Verrill
V & M Construction Services
Verrill Dana Law Firm
Randi Greenwald and Lowell Turnbull
Sandra Scully
Ted and Deb Andrews
Susan Littlefield
Thomas and Jane Foran
John and Jennifer Bliss and Family
Susan Ewing
Jan Chapman and Bruce Moore
Deb, Kohl and Preston DiBiase Fiarri
Julie DiBiase and Kent Haeger
Jay Kiel and Gorham Savings Bank
Suzanne DiBiase-Borelli and Timothy Borelli
Aunt Anna DiBiase
Norm and Sue Kropp
Stephen Smith
Joe Lynch
Alan and Anne Marie Stratton
Raymond Veroneau
Aunty Donna Nappi
Dan Labrie
Rufus Deering
Phil and Trina Foley
Kathryn Yates
Sam Guilford
Mary Murphy
Britney and Chris Wampler
Charlie Conley
Jim O’Clair
Michael Hammen
Jessica Brackenwagen
Amy Rolnik
Miracle Hot Springs Resort and Spa in DHS
Boys & Girls Club of DHS
Alan Barthelman
Gary Nelson
Amber, Ethan, Aaron, Josh, and Simone Stein
Deanne Sanny and Joe Leasure


One thought on “Many Thanks To…”

  1. What an amazing long list! A great big special thanks to one & all . Zoe wouldn’t be able to do this run without your generous help. Rick, Zoe, Sadie,Fab,Gabe,Margaret,Rosa & myself are truly humbled by everyone’s thoughtfulness; it means so much to all of us. Thank you for your support. Zoe’s mom Jina

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