Sponsors and Partners

I’m not a Pro. I’m not even semi-pro. Why should you sponsor me?
Sponsorships will help me get across the country in one piece and help your company with some low-cost, nation-wide promotion of your product or service! We can both benefit from this positive Partnership.

Your company can make use of standing inventory, receive helpful feedback on products, and benefit from low-cost advertising that will reach a target-market of runners and health-conscious audiences.

As I run, I’ll be meeting with schools, running clubs, and youth organizations in each state, as well as sharing my story with media outlets, sports groups, etc. I’ll also be maintaining my internet presence by updating my blog, Facebook, and Twitter from the road. Your product or service can be positively promoted through presentations at these meetings, news interviews, daily blog posts, Facebook and Twitter updates, photos and YouTube videos, etc. Not to mention the run “uniform” I’ll be wearing the whole time, which will act as a traveling billboard for your company. (Yes, I’ll have more than one uniform!)

What types of sponsorships am I looking for?
I’ll need help primarily with food, gear and lodging. Help me maintain balanced electrolytes by providing my fluid intake for the trip. Keep my feet blister-free and my toenails intact in your specially-designed sneakers or socks. Fuel my body with your trademark blend of carbs and protein. Help me rest up by providing lodging for a night, a week, a month. Or calm my Mom’s nerves by looking out for my safety with a GPS device, a headlamp, or even some reflective tape.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the following sponsors:

Olympia Sports
CBC Advertising
Allspeed Cyclery and Snow
Coastal Insurance Group
M.L. Bell Construction
Holiday Signs
Verrill Dana Law Firm
Gorham Savings Bank


One thought on “Sponsors and Partners”

  1. Zoe
    You ran into a former co-worker of mine the other day, Beth Bankhead. I’m pretty heavily involved in the Dallas running community and it looks like your trek takes you through McKinney. I actually live on the border of McKinney and a neighboring town and if you can let me know when you plan on being in the area I’ll see what I can do to try and stage some running support for you. When you pass through. I already posted your site on my FB page and am reaching out to fellow runners and my Marathon Maniac connections. We’ll see what we can do to help you out.

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